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Yui Yuigahama

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Yui Yuigahama
Yui 1
Vital statistics
Voice Actor Nao Touyama (Japanese)

Hye Ok Jeong (Korean)

Occupation Student
Public Service Club Member
Age 16
Birthdate June 18
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Brown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Yui Yuigahama was the Service Club's first official 'customer', whom later becomes the third member of the club.


Yui is a teenage girl with shoulder length pink hair, in which a small portion of, is worn in a small bun on the right side of her head. She has brown eyes and fair skin.


Yui is a cheerful and outgoing girl; even when she's sad or upset she always has a smile on in public. It is also shown that she hides her true feelings towards other people.


She is good at singing


Hachiman HikigayaEdit

It is shown that Yui seems to harbor romantic feelings for Hachiman - calling him "Hikki" in an affectionate manner, much to the latter's annoyance. Hachiman was the one who saved her dog on the first day of their new semester, leaving him injured and hospitalized. Always acting open and cheerful towards him, they seem to get along quite nicely though Yui sometimes finds Hachiman's personality and distorted view of youth annoying.

After Hachiman bluntly rejects Yui's friendly care towards him, due to him knowing that Yui was the owner of the dog he saved, which he thought was the root of her nice and sweet attitude she expresses to him, Hachiman sent Yui into tears.

Yukino YukinoshitaEdit

Even with Yukino's cold and brash personality, Yui still sees the latter as a dependable friend - affectionally calling her "Yukinon" and sometimes hugging the latter when feeling thankful towards her. She also views her straightforward personality and harsh honesty as 'cool'[1].

In the volume 9, chapter 10, Yui realized about Yukino's feelings towards Hachiman after she saw Yukino's behaviour such as smile and giggle. However she's a bit disappointed because Hachiman still hasn't realized about it.


"I'm not a slut! I'm still a virg- never mind!"



  • Yui's given name is also present in her family name. Four other characters share this characteristic: Yukino, Saki, Rumi, and Meguri.
  • Her dog's name is Sablé.


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