He seems to have a lot of acquaintances in the arcade and gaming centers, where he spends much of his time.This is clearly mentioned in the light novels.

Soubu High School Edit

Saika Totsuka Edit

Saika also freely hangs out with Zaimokusa as well. In the light novel, Zaimokuza accompanied Hachiman and Saika to the arcade and to the theater. Saika gave Zaimokusa a picture containing Saika, himself. and Hachiman. Saika also extended his hands in friendship to Zaimokuza, stating that "friend of Hachiman is my friend as well". Saika also said that he is jealous of closeness between Hachiman and Zaimokuza.

Hina EbinaEdit


Zaimokuza and Hina in Athletic Festival committee

She is the co-worker with whom Zaimokuza worked in Athletic Festival committee. They were in synchronous in finding new events for the festival. Their relationship is like an office co-worker and nothing more. They were able to get along well until the end without any hard feelings. Even though their actions were synchronous sometimes, they didn't seem to have any contact after.

Hayato HayamaEdit

They made their acquintance or acknowledgement of each other at the service club, intimes of Hayato's request to solve the chain message.Hayato appologised  to Yoshiteru for interupting him by mentioning his name correctly, This made Yoshiteru happy for being recoganized by the popular student of the school who purposely/unknowingly mispelt Hachiman's name.

Intimes of Tashi's request, Yoshiteru along with Hachiman were jealouse and angered by Yui's plan to use Hayato to induce love in Saki's heart. Yoshiteru made fun of Hayato after he was indirectly rejected by Saki. Hayato acknowledged yoshiteru for he partially saw through Hachiman's plan of using Yoshiteru during Botaish event. He also requested Yoshiteru help through Hachiman for events like Judo.

Service ClubEdit


Yoshiteru helping in Saika case

Zaimokuza seems to get along fine with the service club and thus becomes an unofficial member. He seems comfortable in the club room. He gives his share of contribution to the service club function as well.He was always invited to various activities like the Christmas party celebration, Yui's birthday party celebration, etc.

Hachiman Hikigaya Edit


Hachiman and Zaimokuza in Gym class

He and Hachiman are often paired together in the past for gym and similar activities due to them becoming outsiders of their class. They appear to be good friends, although both deny it. He refers Hachiman to be his partner. Zaimokuza trusts Hachiman enough to share with him his ambitions of becoming a light novel writer, and Hachiman cares enough to help him out by giving him harsh and critical, yet meaningful, feedback.

Hachiman was able to see the hidden talent in Zaimokuza, as he recommended him along with Ebina to the Athletic Festival committee to make all the events interesting. Zaimokuza also gives Hachiman a list of places to search Sagami during the closing ceremony of the Cultural Festival (Mainly the places where he hangs out at.) They are able to have comfortable conversations and are in good terms with each other.

In the light novel, Hachiman noticed that Zaimokuza was left out in the mentioned list of people by Yui to celebrate Hachiman's birthday. Hachiman also noticed him missing in the Chiba Village summer camp. Zaimokuza also cares for Hachiman; this can be seen when he was willing to hear his problems when Yukino and Yui decides to run candidacy. Along with that, he also offered his contribution in fishing out votes for Isshiki and shows concern for Hachiman In his method to help Issihiki.

He also indirectly blocked the way for others in the marathon so that Hachiman can have a private conversation with Hayama. He is also shown to follow Hachiman's plan without any hardships. In the drama C.D. Zaimokuza hugged Hachiman in an attempt to stop and console him from explaining his traumatic experience of giving a gift to a girl he liked.

Yui Yuigahama Edit


Zaimokuza and Yui cheering Hachiman and Yukino in a tennis match

Yui calls him by the nick name Chunni in the light novel. She refers to him as Hachiman's friend, but always gives him a disgusted look from the beginning due to his eccentric personality. He was also invited to Yui's birthday party ,but wasn't able to gift her anything, due to the sudden invitation.

Yukino Yukinoshita Edit

Yukino completely ignores him and avoids him in most cases. She doesn't seem to be bother by his presence in the service club. Yukino however did offer the help of the club to cure his 8th grader syndrome, which she sees as a disease the very first time she saw him. Yukino is one of the few (Saika, Yui, Hayama and Shizuka) to refer Zaimokuza as the friend of Hachiman, much to the latter's annoyance.

Despite all that, she does offer her assistance for Zaimokuza's request like reading his script throughout the night without sleeping, playing strip Daifugo against Yuugi Club, etc.

Zaimokuza on the other hand is completely bad with the interaction of girls which is clearly visible at the time of his first visit to the club, avoiding any conversation with Yukino. but that is later seems to disappear at the very least with the service club members

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