Yoshiteru Zaimokuza
材木座 義輝 (ざいもくざ よしてる)
Zaimokuza Yoshiteru
Vital Statics
Gender Male
Age 16-17
Birthdate November 23
Physical attributes
Hair color White/Gray
Eye color Black/Brown
Blood Type AB
Personal Status
Status Alive/Active
Occupation High school student
Affiliation Sobu High School
Light Novel Debut Volume 1, Chapter 5
Anime Debut Episode 2
Seiyu/Voice Actor Nobuyuki Hiyama (Japanese)
Seong Jun Bang (Korean)

Yoshiteru Zaimokuza is a student from class 2-C who suffers from adolescent delusions, also known as Chuunibyou.


Yoshiteru in Season 1 OT Yukitoki

Yoshiteru in OT of season 1

Zaimokuza has an interesting appearance. He has white hair that is in a short ponytail, brown or black eyes that are barely seen, and slightly overweight. He wears a trench coat over his blazer indoors, which is considered as creepy.

Yoshiteru is considered to be weird, not to mention gross and creepy, even more so than Hachiman, to most of Sobu High, where they simply ignore him.



Zaimokuza delusion view of himself

He is a very eccentric character, getting incredibly excited over things he enjoys, particularly with his 8th grader syndrome, displaying high interest in historical shoguns, magic, and writing (despite the fact he is a terrible writer). His devotion to writing a novel is often mentioned in the Light novels. He also behaves like a professional and famous novel writer. During cultural festival his script was used for his class play.

He is also quite easy going, being able to bounce back from being criticized by Yukino and Hachiman, and still display his devotion to writing, to which Hachiman referred to as a "writer's syndrome".

He is also quiet, sensitive, and jealous which can be seen throughout the series, especially whenever Hayato is shown in the scene.


Most of the abilities Zaimokuza has is in his fantasies, such as the barrier he apparently puts around the school. The only real move he has is Zaimokuza Crusher, but even though he may not look like it, and is seen in episode 13, he is a bit of a powerhouse and possibly has at least some muscle if he had been depended on and pushed three of those guys out of the way.

He was recommended by Hachiman to the Athletic Festival committee for his creativity to make the Sports event interesting and thus Zaimokuza becomes a member of the committee. He also participated in the Athletic Festival. His contributions and script were accepted by his class for the class play during Cultural Festival. In the light novel, he shows his skill in the Judo competition by teaming up with Hayama and Hachiman and won every match up until the finals, where he lost.



Hachiman and Zaimokuza as Gym partners

Zaimokuza was paired with Hachiman as a gym partner, due to both of them being left out as a result of being loners. He is the second customer of the service club. Zaimokuza went to the club as he wanted their opinion on his light novel, to fulfill his dream in becoming a light novel writer. In spite of the club's harsh feedback, he takes it up in a way on how he can improve his writing. Hachiman describes this as writer's syndrome, as Zaimokusa was happy that someone read his work. His enthusiasm for his light novel is shown throughout the series and he behaves as if he was the best light novel writer, in spite of Hachiman's annoyance.


Zaimokuza plays decoy in boy's pole drop

From then on, he became a regular visitor to the service club as if he was an unofficial member. He also contributed his effort to the club to some extent. He participated in the Athletic Festival, where he played in the boy's pole drop for the red team; there he followed Hachiman's plan (as a decoy) to victory but the team was disqualified for foul play.

He was given more of a spotlight in the light novels than in the anime. He assisted to some extent in the Saki case, due to his knowledge of a maid cafe. He also seems to hangout mostly in the arcade.

He also created a fake Twitter account and also managed a few fake accounts to help Hachiman fish out votes for Isshiki.

In the light novel, it was mentioned that after the field trip in the photo sale, the girls of his class cried simply because his presence was in their picture. He is mentioned to be in the Otaku club for gaming in the school. Once in the bonus drama CD of volume 3, Yoshiteru mentions that he was not invited to any gathering or birthday party.

Later, It was mentioned in the light novel that he choose science for his future career path for his third year surprising Hachiman since Yoshiteru wanted to be light novel writer, but chose something that is not relevant. Yoshiteru points to the merits of having less girls in the course since he is bad with girls, which is shown from the time of his conversation with Yukino, which may make it easier for him in a way.

Addressed / Nick names

Chunni -chan                  By        Yui Yuighama, Komachi Hikigaya

Blademaster General       By         Self proclaimed by himself


  • "Zaimokuza- Crusher!!!!"
  • “Goramu goramu. Nano, nano, Nanjiro!"


  • Zaimokuza has the 8th grader illness, but as Hachiman said, it's not real.
  • Despite his appearance, Zaimokuza is fairly strong, as seen in episode 13.
  • He has the same Japanese voice actor as Kohta Hirano from Highschool of the Dead and Itazu Yutaka from Eden of the East. This is proven somewhat since Zaimokuza has the same enthuiasm as Kohta, and sounds like Itazu as well.
  • Yoshiteru and Saika is one of the only people who consider Hachiman as a friend.