Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Volume 5
Volume info
No. of chapters 8
Pages 232 (Japanese edition)

192 (English edition)

Publisher Shogakukan (Japanese edition)

Yen On (English edition)

Release date July 18, 2012 (Japanese edition)

May 22, 2018 (English edition)

ISBN ISBN 978-4-09-451356-1 (Japanese regular edition)

ISBN 978-0316318082 (English edition)

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Volume 4
Volume 6

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Volume 5 is the fifth official volume of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru light novel series.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2 

Hachiman goes for tuition class in the afternoon in summer. The atmosphere of the class was relaxed according to Hachiman. He chose a seat away from the back rows and started to set up. He spotted Saki. Saki stopped next to him, before then she was dragging her sandals on the floor.[1]

"...You're here for tuition as well," Saki said. 

Hachiman said the statement was with a sleepy voice and unhappy eyes. She thanks him for helping her. Hachiman didn't know who she is, so he was stunned. She told him her relationship with her brother is improving and she got a scholarship. Hachiman said she worked hard to get the scholarship then he recalled her name. Saki told him Taishi often talks about him. She immediately left afterwards.[1]

Hachiman described Saki's attitude as softer and he was watching her. She sat three rows behind him. She took out her mobile and started typing. Suddenly, she broke into smiles. Hachiman was still watching, so she eventually noticed and got angry. She glared back and Hachiman got scared. He turned away as he pretended to have a shoulder ache.[1]

Class ended and most students left the classroom. Hachiman was thinking, then Saki knocked on his table. She didn't speak. However and according to Hachiman, she emitted an aura that says "ask me ask me". Hachiman eventually opened his mouth as Saki sighed. Hachiman asked what she actually wants. She asked if Hachiman is free. He declined. Saki interrogated Hachiman as she narrowed her eyes. Hachiman became frightened and he fumbled his words. Hachiman brought up his sister and Saki nodded . She asked him to accompany her to help her brother. Hachiman declined again. She told him Komachi is with her brother so he immediately accepted. Saki was briefly surprised by this.[1]

They headed towards the restaurant which was the rendezvous point. On the way, Saki and Hachiman didn't speak for a while. Saki talked about Yukino, while they were waiting at a crossing. Saki said that Yukino is unapproachable. Hachiman looked at her and thought she's just the same. Saki asked why Hachiman is looking at her. He responded with "it's nothing", as he averted his gaze.[1]

Saki and Hachiman were going to a fast food restaurant, from prep school, to meet Taishi and Komachi. At some traffic lights, Saki said Yukino also turns up for tuition class while they were waiting. Hachiman slowed down after hearing Yukino's name. Saki said Yukino is unapproachable as always. Hachiman thought look who's talking while he stared at her.[1]

Hachiman thought Saki and Yukino may both be aggressive, but they have different causes. Saki's aggression is because she has a poor vocabulary. So she can't express herself properly. Yukino's aggression is because she is outstanding. So she evokes jealousy and feelings of inferiority. Yukino just being who she is a form of aggression. Hachiman said the aggression of Yukino and Saki originates from the outside and inside respectfully.

They can cross the traffic lights. Saki started to speak to him politely before he could make a step. She asked if he could thank Yukino for her, because she has not had an opening. Hachiman tells her to do it herself. She said she doesn't know how to approach Yukino, while she looked down with a low voice which, according to Hachiman, has a hint of cowardice.[1]

"Even if you know they aren't bad people, you still can't get along with them." Saki said.

Hachiman agreed and elaborated on the concept in his mind. They told themselves that they won't be able to see Yukino until school starts. Saki said she may not speak to Yukino again. Hachiman agreed and said even he doesn't speak much to Yukino.[1]

They tell themselves that they won't have the chance to meet Yukino until school starts. Saki said she may not speak to Yukino again. Hachiman agrees and said he says little to her even when he's in the same room.[1]

They met up with Komachi and Daishi. Taishi called Hachiman "onii-chan"and Hachiman threatens to kill him. Saki got angry and Hachiman retreated. Taishi eventually calmed the two down. Taishi wanted to learn about Sobu High School from a male's perspective. While he was explaining things to Taishi, he mentioned the high admission standards. He said delinquents are less likely to get in because of this, but there are exceptions. He peeked at Saki to find her glaring at him. Hachiman gave Taishi some cynical advice and Taishi loses spirit. Noting the low mood, Komachi offered to get drinks and Saki follows suit.[1]

Hachiman and Taishi talk until Komachi and Saki return. After some time, Taishi asks why Saki chose Sobu High School. She got embarrassed. Hachiman said it's because Sobu High School has one of the lowest fees and it's a good high school. Saki gets really embarrassed and red faced, and glares at him. Conversely, Hachiman thinks a brocon's glare can never faze him. Hachiman suspected Taishi wanted to go Sobou High for his sister, so he emitted a killing aura in his words. Saki glared at him and Hachiman averted his gaze. Hachiman suggested they leave. Taishi rises and bows.[1]

"'Onii-san'! Thank you!" Taishi said. 

"It's okay...Though the possibility of you calling me 'onii-san' in the future is now 0." Hachiman said.

"Really!?" Taishi said.

Komachi looked sideways at Taishi or Saki, and Hachiman. She slightly tilted her head with her finger on her forehead.

"Hmm-? But, it won't feel weird to call you 'onii-san' if 'onii-chan' and Saki-san marries right?" Komachi said. 

Panicking, Saki tried to stand.

"A-Are you an idiot!? T-this little sis! T-This kind of thing, impossible!" Saki said. 

Hachiman heard this from behind as he left.[1]

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