Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Volume 12
Volume info
No. of chapters TBA
Pages 344
Publisher Shogakukan
Release date September 20, 2017
ISBN ISBN 978-4094516746
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Volume 11

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Volume 12 is the twelfth volume of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru light novel series.

Synopsis Edit

After the dialogue outside the aquarium, the three begin to remember things from the past that have happened to them in the service club and finally Hachiman and Yui accompany Yukino home, since she has decided to talk with her mother about what she wants to future.

In the house of Yukino they meet Haruno who apparently is drunk after partying with some friends of the university. In the department, Haruno assures Yukino that she will try to help her with her decision. The night ends with Yui staying at Yukino's house, helping her pack her things and with Hachiman leaving the apartment.

Outside, Haruno waits for him to talk to him about his relationship with Yukino and Yui, about the codependency that has formed between them and implicitly advises Hachiman to end it. Before leaving, Hachiman suspects that Haruno is not drunk and admits that he may never drink.

The plot progresses between the Komachi admission tests, with which Hachiman is very nervous and begins to think that things have changed between him and his little sister. Waiting for her to finish her interview, she meets Saki Kawasaki and her sister Keika, with whom she spends the afternoon as if it were a family.

A day later, at the service club they receive Isshiki's request to help her to do a prom, which they initially refuse and then accept, after discovering Isshiki's true motives for it (Being the queen of the prom ). On this request, Yukino asks Hachiman and Yui to let her handle it herself, as proof that she is capable of doing things without depending on them, although she tells them that if she needs them she will ask for help.

Komachi talks to Hachiman and says she is grateful to him, since he has devoted much to her in the years they have spent together and that although she will mature, she will continue being his little sister. Hachiman cries when he hears this and she tells him that it is normal, because he is really sentimental at heart.

The day of the publication of results arrives and Komachi is accepted, what the members of the club celebrate. Saki's brother is also accepted.

Yukino asks Hachiman and Yui to help her with a part of the planning, with making an essay of what the dance will be to promote it. Hachiman and Yui dress up and Yukino does too. In the end, Yui and Hachiman end up dancing together with Tobe and other guys. Yukino dances with Iroha, since she did not find a match for her.

Hachiman and Yui go to Ikea to buy Komachi a gift, but they decide to make a cake at the end. In their conversation, Yui admits that she would love to have a family life when she grows up.

Later, Yukino's mother arrives at the school to oppose the idea of ​​the prom, since she has received complaints from other parents and being part of the board, she has to act on behalf of those who have given their negative opinion and she tells Yukino that she did not consider that.

In the conversation which Haruno is also present, both Hachiman and Iroha intervene, giving their opinions on the matter, but Hachiman realizes that Mrs. Yukinoshita is not going to hear their arguments and decides to go away to give them more time to get the board approval.

Mrs. Yukinoshita leaves, leaving Yukino depressed as she cannot do anything to remedy the situation and Hachiman is frustrated when he realizes that she is really terrifying, and that he will not be able to overcome her with arguments.

Haruno then begins to sting the relationship between Hachiman, Yukino and Yui, saying that Yukino has not improved yet, leaving out the detail that Hiratsuka-sensei will stop teaching after that year in school because of school rules that dictate that be sent to another school.

Hachiman begins to plan something to beat Mrs. Yukinoshita, but Yukino asks her to let her do it, that she must defeat her mother on her own and Haruno points out that Hachiman does not let Yukino advance either.

After school, Hachiman and Haruno again have a dialogue in which she tells Hachiman that she cannot wait anymore for Yukino to do something for herself and that the relationship she has with Hachiman and Yui bores her, that they should end the love triangle once and for all.

Later, when Hachiman and Yui were about to go to Yui's house to make the cake for Komachi, Hachiman receives a call from Iroha, telling him that the prom has been cancelled. Hachiman calls Hiratsuka-sensei and asks about the situation and Yukino and her whereabouts. Hiratsuka-sensei tells him that he is only reinforcing Yukino's dependence on him, and asks if he really wants to act, to which he replies that yes, although he knows it is a bad decision, he should take it.

Finally, Hiratsuka-sensei tells him where they are and Hachiman leaves there, leaving Yui in tears; but he does not see her crying and she asks him to leave to help Yukino.



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  • Gagaga Bunko previously sets a release date for April 18, 2017 for Japan. The release date has been removed from the listing with an official statement.[1]

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