A fourth drama CD, titled Sono Christmas Candle no Akari ga Yureru Toki... (そのクリスマスキャンドルの灯が揺れる時…), was released with the special edition of Volume 6.5 on July 22, 2014. The fourth drama CD contains a character song by Yukino Yukinoshita and Yui Yuigahama (Saori Hayami and Nao Tōyama), titled "Kimi to Merry Christmas" (君とMerry Christmas).

While Volume 6.5 takes place after Volume 6 and the Culture Festival. Volume 6.5's Drama CD takes place after Volume 9 (April 2014) and Season 2 Episode 10.

A transcribed (written) version is included as a bonus chapter in Volume 6.5 (July 2014).

Plot Edit

It provides details about what happens after the joint Christmas event with Kaihin Sougou. It is a large portion of Hachiman's Christmas break.

Cast Edit