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    Episode 12 – He still has yet to reach the answer he seeks and he continues to mistaken what’s genuine.Valentine’s Day. Miura and Kawasaki visit the Service Club; former wants to give a present to Hayama and the latter wants to make chocolate for her little sister. Yukino teaches them how to cook and they invite said recipients to sample their food. 

    Episode 13 – Spring comes together under the piling snow and begins to bloom.Haruno appears in front of the Service Club and states that she’ll be temporarily staying at Yukino’s apartment for a while.

    So, we can see episode 11 will cover all-the-rest-stuffs of Volume 10 of light novel series. Thus, ep.12 will adapted from vol.11.

    What do you think, guys? It look like ep.12 will be a promo for vol.…

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