I don't know what that means, but if you see the number 12 and a pic of Yui in this picture. You know what will happen next...

Their latest issue of OreGairu Light Novel was released last June of 2015. And it was reported that the LN was sold well on Japan.

And after that, OreGairu was put on hiatus for a year and a half to make way for other opportunity for Wataru-san. Wataru-san was involved in 2016 action anime--Qualidea Code, followed by another slice-of-life anime--Gi(a)rlish Number. Which both were originally made by Wataru-san himself.

Since 2015, there's no reports when will Vol. 12 of OreGairu will be released as most of the fans (myself included) were curious what will happen next... Until now.

It was recently reported on a Chinese anime --that the long-awaited Volume 12 of OreGairu short novel is currently in the works.

But until now, there's no reports when will this LN will be released in Japan, nor this report is entirely true.

But stay tuned for more updates...

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