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  • Dante-Must-Die-Mode

    Their latest issue of OreGairu Light Novel was released last June of 2015. And it was reported that the LN was sold well on Japan.

    And after that, OreGairu was put on hiatus for a year and a half to make way for other opportunity for Wataru-san. Wataru-san was involved in 2016 action anime--Qualidea Code, followed by another slice-of-life anime--Gi(a)rlish Number. Which both were originally made by Wataru-san himself.

    Since 2015, there's no reports when will Vol. 12 of OreGairu will be released as most of the fans (myself included) were curious what will happen next... Until now.

    It was recently reported on a Chinese anime --that the long-awaited Volume 12 of OreGairu short novel is currently in the works.

    But until now, t…

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  • Dante-Must-Die-Mode

    It was announced that both "Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Kome wa Machigatteiru. Zoku" game for PSVita and an added OVA to be released on Blu-ray will be release on October 27th.

    It was supposed to be released on July, but it was pushed to October due to "various circumstances".

    Anyways, without further ado, here's the recent teaser trailer for OreGairu.Zoku OVA that, according to the sources, will cover the Volume 10.5 of the Light Novel series.

    Season 3 would have to wait in the near future as Wataru Watari, the author of the LN series, is currently working on the anime "Qualidea Code " as a scriptwriter. He's also going to be involved in another upcoming anime, "Gi(a)rlish Number ", which is set to be aired on October 7th, also as a scriptwri…

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  • Dante-Must-Die-Mode

    It has been announced on Wataru Watari's twitter last December and during Jump Fiesta 2015 about the new anime that is going to involve Wataru Watari, the author of OreGairu and two other RomCom authors, Koushi Tachibana (Date A Live Series), and Sou Sagara (The "Hentai" Prince and The Stony Cat Series). That anime is titled, "Qualidea Code", and this anime is going to premiere this year in an unknown exact date. This is going to be directed by Kenichi Kawamura, known for directing "Hajime no Ippo".

    The cast members will be revealed in the near future, according to the official site. But for now, here's the glimpse of the upcoming anime:

    So far, Wataru-san is still keeping his mouth shut, just like Hachiman, about the Season 3 speculations. …

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  • Dante-Must-Die-Mode

    October 10th, OreGairu won three NewType awards at the MACHI☆ASOBI in Japan.

    These Three Awards Including:

    • Male Character Award: Hachiman Hikigaya
    • Female Character Award: Yukino Yukinoshita
    • Voice Actor: Eguchi Takuya

    Including some of the nominations like:

    • Screenplay Award (Psycho-Pass)
    • Character Design (IDOLM@STER -Cinderella Girls)
    • Opening Theme (F/SN UBW)
    • Best Director award (F/SN UBW)
    • Mascot Character: Pan-San (loss to Sonic from Kekkai Sensen)
    • Voice Actress: Saori Hayami (loss to Hanazawa Kana)
    • Anime Award (F/SN UBW)


    Wait so if OreGairu.Zoku wins three awards... OreGairu 3 Confirmed?

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  • Dante-Must-Die-Mode

    Remember when the Season 1 of OreGairu has an OVA only for the Blu-ray and PSVita who owns the OreGairu Video Game? I think we will going to see another OVA in the Blu-ray Version of Zoku...

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