Vital Statics
Gender Male
Age 16 to 17
Physical attributes
Personal Status
Status Alive/Active
1.High school student
2. President of Student council
Affiliation Kaihin Sougou High
Light Novel Debut Volume 9, Chapter 2
Anime Debut Season 2 Episode 6
Seiyu/Voice Actor Satoshi Hino (Japanese)

Tamanawa is the current president of Student Council of Kaihin Sougou High school


In the Anime, Tamanawa is seen wearing the uniform of Kaihin Sougou High school that is composed of a white dress shirt, a light blue sweater with two dark blue lines at the top, and a red tie under a navy blue blazer and pant.


Tamanawa is a pompous person, who uses English complex words often. Hachiman observed that he uses the word of same meanings in English and Japanese in succession. As pointed out by Hachiman he accepts every ones opinion and makes a universal compromise plan with out any consideration of time, resources and possibility.

Hachiman felt that neither Tamanawa or any others wanted to take responsibility to set things in a discrete direction because of the fear of causing failure.Hachiman felt that Tamanawa's main goal was to preserve his self worth, that he might have seen the failure. Therefore he along with his side pushed a mutual failure that will be a cushion for them as a confort to reducing the hit on his dignity

In spited of that Tamanawa seems to be of high social person.As he freely and personally welcome new members such as Hachiman, Yukino, Yui and the elementary school students and talks to any person he meet. Tamanawa is likely to be popular figure in his school as he was elected as president of student council.


YZ EP10 - 95

Tamanawa organizing the concert.

He doesn't seem to have a well experienced leadership quality. With a time limit less than one week for the event, he only focused on planing alone rather than execution.

Tamanawa showed to have a good communication skill with the exception of his complex word usage. Initially Tamanawa was interested in increasing the scale of the event but later on he focused on the concert alone by exhibiting his leadership quality to sportively against Sobu high's performance.


In light novel, it is stated by Kaori that Tamanawa only started as president in fall, which is why he’s not experienced to it.


Christmas colloboration event

In spite of the fact that Kaihn High was the one proposed the idea of Joint event, Tamanawa seems to be fear of causing the failure to the event but still keeps his image from showing any sighs. He initially accepted any proposal of idea without planing for its execution.


Proposals for the christmas colloboration event

Tamanawa later planned on increasing the scale with out considering the major obstacle of time, money and labour. Tamnawa and other student council member from his side wanted to include other school in the area.Realizing that direct objections getting rejected or ignored, Hachiman played his part in stopping it by their own way of communication but it lead them to include elementary school. He was focused on only having meetings and brain storming session alone and not setting anything on the stone.

The plan that Tamanawa and his group cooked up were simply focused on what they wanted to do and it didn’t consider the targeted users.Hachiman deduced all the action was to push the blame on the nameless individual called everyone .

This is carried on till the Sobu High decided to split their work load separately.At first Tamanawa was reluctant to the idea claiming that will affect the synthetic of their work to which the student council members of his school agrees on.

But after the stunt by Hachiman & Yukino in the planing committee and the final persuasion by Yui made the committee to accept the idea of splitting the work load which Tamanawa didn't seem to be pleased of. Later The Kahin Sogou High planned on the musical concert while Sobu High planned on Christmas play. According to Kaori, Tamanawa was fully spirited and motivated to win, as if it was a challenge against Sobu High's performance. Tamanawa begin to take his responsibility seriously after splitting of work, Thus leading to the success of the event inspite of the lack of practice and  a deduced budget

Pre-Valentine's day colloboration event of cooking class

In anime version, he was still using Katna terms in his communication. Tamanawa was giving a lecture to his fellow classmates about the Global valentine celebration in continuation to the males, while the girls are making chocolates. It was mentioned by Iroha that the fundings for the event is entirely taken by Kaihin Sougou High School.


YZ EP10 - 80
Tamanawa seems to have agood relationship with his school mates and the stundent council members of his school as they agree with him arbitrarily. His school has large members and volunteers in the planing committee than Sobu High likely due to his persuasion

Kaori Orimoto

YZEP12 - 79
It is likely that Tamanawa has feelings for Kaori as that of Episode 12, where he too is disturbed when Kaori promises to give Hachiman some valentine chocolate and he was also looked disturbed when she shared some chocolate with a boy of their school. He gave her cake in return for a valentine chocolate as a pretense of influence from foreign, to which she indifferently ate.

Iroha Isshiki

As a student council president, both of them maintain a good terms with each-other atleast in face value. At first Iroha arbitarly accepted any proposal without any reluctants of the work load.Inspite of the rude splitting of work load they still maintained their good terms which lead them to form another alliance of both school for Valentine event.

Hachiman Hikigaya

Tamanawa tried to be social with Hachiman from their time of meeting, However, Hachiman soon end up in his bad light for criticizing Tamanawa in the committee. In the valentine event, Tamanawa was more or less unpleasant after seeing Kaori's closeness to Hachiman. He was also disturbed, when Kaori offered Hachiman some valentine chocolate.

Tamanawa tried to give Kaori a cake as a thanks for her valentine chocolate. during which Hachiman tried to break off from them by using the excuse of needing a coffee break in katakana words just like Tamanawa, making Kaori to laugh as she felt it to be funny. Tamanawa sent an irritated glare to Hachiman and promises to have a fair challenge next time. Hachiman tried to explain his disinterest towards Kaori but his words didn't fell on Tamanawa's ears.



The running gag is every time he speaks, he makes swift, odd hand movements.


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