Taishi Kawasaki
Taishi Kawasaki
川崎 大志 (かわさき たいし)
Kawasaki Taishi
Vital Statics
Gender Male
Age 14-15 probably
Physical attributes
Hair color Gray (Dark)
Eye color Turquoise
Personal Status
Status Alive/Active
Occupation Middle school student
Light Novel Debut Volume 2 Chapter 4
Anime Debut Episode 5
Seiyu/Voice Actor Ayumu Murase (Japanese)


Taishi Kawasaki is the younger brother of Saki Kawasaki. Taishi study in the same cram school as Komachi Hikigaya.


Taishi has short, messy greenish hair and turquoise eyes like his sister. He also seems to have quite thick eyebrows.


In light novel, he is described as a typical middle school student.He is shown to be a timid boy but his worries about his sister working in place named "Angel" shows his perverted side as noted by Hachiman.He also refers Class 2J in sobu high school as Heaven, as it contains 90% of girls indicating his young mind desires for girls.




komachi with taishi introducing to Hachiman

Taishi is Saki's little brother and Komachi's classmate. He is worried about his older sister, Saki coming home late every 5 a.m. But she gets angry when questioned.


Taishi's request to service club

Afraid she might becomes a delinquent, Taishi requested help from the Service Club through Komachi. After several failed attempt, the Service Club eventually followed her to her workplace where they found out that his sister is working as a bar tender under a false name and age.But was unable to convince her to quit who is more rebilious and retaliate them with the same words.

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The next day, Hachiman traps Saika in a near by restuarnt with Taishi and other Service club members where Hachiman reveals Saki's motives behind working night-shifts that she wants to pay fees to cram school for university and doesn't want to trouble her parents who just paid fees for Taishi's cram school  and also suggested her a suitable remedial. Thus restore a peaceful relationship between the siblings. 

Novel Version not adapted in Anime version

In the light novel Volume 5, In the cram school, Saki asked Hachiman accompany her to a nearby restaurant to give advice to her brother and she doeesn't take no for an answer.Hachiman followed her, after learning that Komachi is with him. There Hachiman adviced Taishi about the requirements to Sobu High school, its benefits and other high school as well. After both of their sisters went to get something to eat, Taishi  asked about his interest in girls at Sobu High in comparison to Yukino and Yui. Understanding his mindset and also the reason why Taihi wanted to talk to him from the beginning, Hachiman gives a full fledged explanation of Class 2f.

Hachiman felt the necessity of explaining Taishi, that the girl he likes need not necessarily like him back and advice him to give up. However Taishi showed interest in joining Sobu High school along with Komachi.

Difference in Light novel and Anime adaptation

In Volume 9  he also participated along with Saki in discussion to help Hachiman to stop Yukino and Yui from running for the president of student council, even though Hachiman didn't want his help..Hachiman annoyingly refered Taishi as that thing.Komachi explained that Hachiman may need help or opinion of someone in the same class as he is and decided to ask Saki through Taishi.(Since Komachi didn't have Saki's contacts)

However Taishi's presence is completely removed in anime adaption in Episode 5 of Season 2. Where Saki alone accompanied Saika and Komachi to give idea.


Both of his parents are employed and unnamed.[1]


Taishi also has an even younger, brother and sister who are unnamed.[1]

Kawasaki Keika

Voiced : Azumi Asakura

YZ EP10 - 82

Taishi's sister Keika

Kawasaki Keika is name of one of his sister in nursery school, whom Hachiman meets at Volume 9.Who participated in the performance of Christmas play of Christmas colloboration event bySobhu high and Kahin sougou High school.

She was introduced in episode 10 of season 2 and later appeared in   episode 12 of season 2 learning to make cookies

Saki Kawasaki

She is the older sister of Taishi Kawasaki. They have very good brother-sister relationship. She shows concern over the welfare of her family which is shown by her effort to reduce her family's load.Hachiman refers Saki's relationship with her brother to be Bro-com.Both show concern for one another.

Komachi Hikigaya

He is on good terms with Komachi, as he can freely talk and take advice about his family matters with her.Komachi also slyly involved Hachiman for help concerning his issue.

Service Club

Taishi requested the Club's help as to find out about his sister's nightly activities.

Hachiman Hikigaya

Hachiman wrote Taishi's name in his "Definitely Unforgivable Person Llist", because of his closeness to Komachi. However, Hachiman seems to understand Taishi's problem and thoughts better than Komachi or any other Service Club members, even better than Saki herself.

Hachiman finds a better way to help him in solving his family dispute. He even gives him advice about the choices in high school and requirements to enter Sobu high school, the very next time they meet, he also freely discussed about beautiful girls in Sobu High School with reference to Yukino Yukinoshita, for which Hachiman describes Class 2J Filled with 90% girls, and also advice him to give up, as the girl he liked doesn't necessarily need to like him back.

Despite of Hachiman's harsh treatment, Taishi is fond of him and found him to be quiet reliable and affectionately calls him "Onii-chan’" much to the latter's annoyance.In the cram school, Saki says to Hachiman that Taishi often mention his name in their conversation, indicating his respect for Hachiman.

Yukino Yukinoshita

He seems to be awe with the unparallel beauty and thankful to her for their help.He also hoped to get girl-friend like her, if he joined Sobhu High school.

Yui Yuigahama

He views her in the same light as Yukino and nothing explicitly mentioned.



  • He was shown only in season1 and not in the sequel of the series.
  • He is one of the few to have Hachiman's contact Id through Komachi.


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