Most of her friends and relatives of same age are married which hurts her more, Hence she kept herself at a distance from them.

Soubu High School Edit


shizuka with her students in the summer camp

Shizuka Hiratsuka is simply free with all students, as even Hachiman freely comment on her age and single status.All her students seems to be free and friendly with her.It was also shown that she played with her students in water in Chiba Summer camp.

Meguri ShiromeguriEdit

Meguri's relationship with Shizuka is not clearly mentioned.But Meguri takes Shizuka advice frequently, this can be seen by Meguri's approach to the service club for athletic festival, student council election, etc.

Service Club Edit

Service club

Shizuka in wedding dress with the service club members

In school, she is mentioned to be close to the Service Club members by other faculties, which is mentioned in the light novel more than once,

for example:

  1. The school nurse recognizes Hachiman as one of Shizuka's child (implying student, the comment of which is not appreciated by Hachiman).
  2. Shizuka posting for volunteers for Chiba Village summer camp, so that others don't think that she is only close to service club students.
  3. Both Biology teacher and Home Economics teacher pushed Hachiman's essay and absence in cooking class onto Shizuka's knowledge.
  4. Shizuka asking for Yukino's career path form to be submitted, even though she is not Yukino's home room teacher or Counselor.
  5. Shizuka inquiring about Yui's absence to the club members.

Shizuka seems to clearly understand the atmosphere and feelings of the service club members better than the individuals themselves.

Yukino YukinoshitaEdit

YEP01 - 15

Yukino and Shizuka

They are on good terms. Shizuka never remembers to knock before entering the Service Club's classroom, much to Yukino's chagrin. Shizuka understands the reasons for her personality and acknowledges her for her excellence. In the Light novel, Shizuka says that scoldings are done for the well-beings of the person and promises to scold Yukino. According to Shizuka, Yukino is kind, talented, blunt and correct most of the time, but not accepted by society. She often pats her head and shoulders in kindness.

Yukino also views Shizuka in good light,as she stated Shizuka to be a kind, devoted, caring teacher for the students and requested her help during the Saki case, following Totsuka's suggestion of asking for an adult's help. Nevertheless, Yukino is not afraid to point out her teacher's flaws openly from time to time due to Shizuka's childish behaviour.

Hachiman Hikigaya Edit


Shizuka and Hachiman

Shizuka is one of a few characters to show concern for Hachiman. As his teacher/adviser/counselor she appears to really care about his well-being, enough to force him into joining her service club. They have a common interest in manga and light novels, which is shown in their shopping for Christmas mentioned in Drama C.D . Hachiman sees her as a dedicated and good-hearted person. She, like other female characters in the series, describes him as rebellious and loner-prone.

Her praise for him is as harsh as her description of him.

Shizuka's strike on Hachiman

She sometimes forces him into various activities such as joining the Service club, cultural committee etc. Shizuka frequently scolds and pummels Hachiman in order to try and get his act together. In the light novels she claims that she only hits and kicks Hachiman for his well-being and not any other students to which Hachiman feels to be "not romantic". Hachiman often reciprocates her actions by making comments about her age, much to her annoyance


Shizuka advising Hachiman

She goes to an extent of using her sly tactics to bring Hachiman to the Chiba summer camp. She is one of the few to acknowledge Hachiman's talent and leadership skill. She also able to see through the reasons for his actions, examples for these are Hachiman's usage of kanji for human in the slogan selection of cultural committee and scapegoating himself for Sagami. Likewise she can also see the flaws in his method.

YZEP03 - 35
She never fails to give him the advice he needs at the right moment because she cares deeply for his well-being. There are hints that she harbors a much deeper affection towards him, that goes beyond that of a student-teacher relationship. This can be seen when she gently reprimanded him at the end of the cultural festival. Hachiman noticed that she almost wept when she told him that helping others is not an acceptable reason for him to hurt himself, as there are others who are also hurt if they see him hurt himself in the process.

In time of Chiba mail service, Hachiman revealed that Shizuka use to sent very long text to him frequently and if he fails to respond, she constantly calls him, fearing which he would text her back. This info might have ignited a jealousy among Yui and Yukino towards her as shown by their reaction after hearing it.

YZEP12 - 81
Shizuka is one of the people to define the term "Genuine" to Hachiman. She gives him the needed advice to mend things up with the service club which was strained from Tobe's request. She also informed the candidacy of Yukino in student council president before any other staff or school members.

When Shizuka explains about her miscalculation which led her to the single status, Hachiman surprisingly criticized the people who overlooked/rejected her by stating that they don't have good taste; instead of poking fun at her. This statement causes Shizuka to blush. Hachiman muses to himself that if he was born ten years earlier and met Shizuka 10 years earlier, he would have fallen head over heels for her, but feels pity that it isn't a reality.

Yui Yuigahama Edit

Both Shizuka and Yui seem to be in a good relationship. Shizuka was the one who directed Yui to the service club at first. Yui sometimes makes comments about the other two members to Shizuka; both seem to have a good teacher-student relationship. Shizuka also worries about Yui as well.


Haruno YukinoshitaEdit

Haruno is a former student of Shizuka. She seems to be on good terms with Shizuka, as they call each other by first name. Haruno and Shizuka also seem to able to understand each other to a great extent, even predicting the other's movement.

Komachi HikigayaEdit

Shizuka made her acquaintance with Komachi during the chiba summer camp. Later on, Komachi seems to inform Shizuka about the progress Hachiman makes in his social behaviors. In the camp, Komachi told Shizuka about Hachiman's past and kindness towards her.

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