Service Club

The Service Club

The Service Club is a volunteer organization that provides service or help for the students of Sobu High School. In order to join the club, one needs a recommendation by a supervisor and letter of application.[1]But that doesn't apply to Hachiman as he was forced to join the club as a punishment for his essay.

Members of service club


Shizuka and the service club

Shizuka Hiratsuka is the club's consultant. Yukino Yukinoshita is the president of the Service Club, and was initially its sole member.[2][3] The series begin with Hachiman Hikigaya being forced to join the club by Shizuka.[4][5] Yui Yuigahama was the Service Club's first official "customer," who later becomes the third member of the club through inspiration of the club members speaking their mind.[6][7] She is the only member who tries to bury the silence by bringing in random topics for discussion.

Later it was mentioned that Yoshiteru Zaimokuza and Saika Totsuka also attend Service Club and offer their helping hand from time to time even though they are not members. Hayato Hayama, who was also a requestor also offered his helping hand in Kawasaki's case with the request of Yui, but it went in vain.


YUi's joining letter

Coincidentally the club members were involved in the car accident at the beginning of the school entrance ceremony from various vantage points, which they never talked about. Shizuka asks Hachiman about the club's progress and states that she simply wanted to separate both Hachiman and Yukino from everyone else because of their unorthodox views on society.

YZ EP09 33

Service club members in destiney land

In course of the series the members of the club grew closer together. As they held various parties such as birthday parties for Yui & Yukino, a Christmas party and etc. together and exchanged presents, in which non-club members like Saika, Yoshiteru were also invited. Even though Shizuka denies the invitation she ends up in the party coincidentally.

Service Club room

Recent plate

Door plate with stickers as per last episode

The Service Club room is an unused class room in the special building of the school. Their doorplate has nothing written on it at first but later stickers were added on it.The stickers were likely sticken by the people whose request was fulfilled as the number of sticker increases with each request being fulfilled. Like any other classroom, the room has a sliding door and windows. The key of the room is left in the care of Shizuka, from whom Yukino gets and returns the key daily.


Service club inside

Perhaps it was being used as a storage room before. Chairs and tables are piled up in cluttered stacks along the edge of the rooms. Later the members used a long bench with a chair for individuals uses.The room also has a mechanical round clock.

Things used in the room


The club members using laptop

Shizuka provides the club with an old model laptop which she borrowed.It has internet with the speed capable of reading and sending mails. The laptop seems to be of low booting speed. It was mentioned in the light novel that it became a regular activity to use laptop.


All the edible item makers

The club also has a single student table in which Yukino places her bag and the novels which she later reads with cat stickers on them but later the table was used for having a tea kettle, drinking water heater, snacks pack, food cover, straws and tea leaves.

They also have a set of paper cups for guests and cups for the individual members. The plain cup is for Yukino, the long cup with a dog image is for Yui, while the cup with a Pan-san image is for Hachiman.

Club activity

Most of the requests are mentioned in detail in the Service Club request tab.
Service club

The entire service club members in Bride Costume

Club activities are fairly limited during the majority of the school year. The club is willing to take on various jobs on the condition of lending a helping hand or "service" rather than performing the entire task for their client.[8][9] The job is complete once their client is satisfied or when their primary problem is solved.The initial focus was to provide the corresponding advice for the requester but later they go to an extent of solving the problem for them. Most of students with requests are directed to the club by Shizuka.

Service club

Picture by Iroha of Service club members

But it mostly has less costumers compared to any other club. As a result, Hachiman and Yukino like spending the time reading much to Yui's annoyance. The club is willing to extend their "service" to family members of the student body if it directly affects the well-being of the student, such as the case of Taishi Kawasaki's request.[10].They also do service with recommendations of the consultant of the club as shown by their activity in preparing a magazine as part of a campaign by the Chiba region to promote "Love and Marriage" to teenagers.


Notice for volunteer for summer service club activity

They also invited other volunteers from the school with posters on the board to assist them with promise of grade to which Hayato Hayama ,Tobe, Yumiko Miura,Ebina Hina, Saika Totsuka volunteered.


Service club in Summer activities

They also volunteer for outside activities like Chiba Village for elementary school students summer camp along with Hayama's clique. They assisted in teaching the elementary student while they also focused their attention on Rumi Tsurumi


Meguri in Service club

The Service Club also extends their help with school activity if requested. As Yukino helped the cultural festival committee solo for Sagami's request. The Service Club as a whole also helped the athletic festival committee.

Cross Chiba Counseling Emails


Cross Chiba Counseling Emails

In the light novel, the Service Club later fullfilled the request to send in e-mails aswell, which they constantly check in the laptop. Cross Chiba Consultant Emails is the name of this e-mail service. This type of consultation/service is seen in Meguri's request and also in Episode 11 of Season 2 where Yumiko's request is analysed and fulfilled.

Other activities

Strangely the Service Club members take a close acquaintanceship with two generations of the student council. They also participated and helped in the planning committee held under the leadership of Meguri Shiromeguri. Meguri also stated her wish of Yukino is to succeed her as president along with Yui as vice president and Hachiman being the general affairs manager but it went in vain.

YZ EP10 - 19

Student council members in service club

The Service Club also assisted in Iroha's case of election for student council, in the Christmas collaboration event of Sobu and Kaihin Sougou High, and in the alumni attendance for advicing the junior for career path and at the latest for edting school newspaper.




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