Season 2, Episode 7
Zoku7 03
Season 2, Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date May 14,2015
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Name "However, That Room Continues to Portray an Endless Everyday Scene."

"Saredo, Sono Heya wa Owara nu Nichijō o Enjitsuzukeru."

Kanji されど、その部屋は終わらぬ日常を演じ続ける。

This episode is adaptation from Light novel of Volume 9 of Chapter 3 and chapter 4.While the Introduction (Pr-credit scene) is the adaptation Chapter 0 of same volume

Plot Synopsis

The episode begins with the credited scene of Hachiman reading Komachi's Present list letter.

Hachiman then walks to the service club along with Yui. Where Hachiman explains that he will leave early till Christmas.To which Yui questions if he is helping Iroha,When Hayama questions if Yui and Yukino knows ,Yui tells that they don't talk about him but his actions are visible.Yui wonders if Yukino did wants to be President and that accepting Iroha request might revert back their relation but Hachiman doubt it.

Hachiman asks permission from Yukino to leave early. Hachiman finds that Iroha didn't make it to the community center and decide to head back to school to check where he has an unwilling conversation with Hayama about the choice and reason of helping others.

Hachiman goes back to the community center and finds Iroha exiting from the grocery store.Iroha seems to be physically exhausted .The planing committee included Elementary school students. The student confused of what to do whisper themselves of what to do.One of girl volunteered to ask and questions the Vice president of Sobu High of what to do.The girl is none other than Rumi Tsurumi. Hachiman recollect the past incidents. Iroha didn't know what t ask the elementary kids to do and wonders if she could ask Tamanawa about it but Hachiman reminded that they will take care of the elementary school students and suggested them to decorate.

Hachiman talks to Tamanawa about how if they don't decided what to do may result in waste of man power as the Christmas for which the event is planned is only a week away and asked him to have the meeting now.The ideas were again thrown, Tamanawa suggested to synchronizing the ideas but Hachiman suggested to pick one and execute it.

Hachiman runs-into Saika that night while going to home.They have their supper together where Saika questions Hachiman about his exhaustion.Even though he brushed it off at the beginning.Hachiman later gives a one line explanation of the entire incident. Saika explains his thought of Hachiman being cool.But Hachiman thinks to himself of not being cool and rethinks about his ideals.

The next day, Hachiman walks under the umbrella to community center and walks in line with Iroha.They runinto Kaori outside of the community center where Iroha questions if Kaori and Hachiman are friends to which both of them gives a vague answers leaving Iroha hanging.In the committee Hachiman and the Vice president realizes that their plans exceeded the budget and they should either find new funds or reduce the scale.Iroha informs that the elementar kids finished the decoration.Hachiman gives her next job

Hachiman realize that he is going against his club principle of instead of lending a hand he is doing their job.He once again talk to Tamanawa about the budget which still seems fruitless. Hachiman sees Rumi decorating alone and questions her to which she gives a late reply and that too in a sarcastic way.Hachiman offered to help her.When the work is finished, Hachiman interrupted Rumi's thanks and insisted to help her graders

Hachiman feels that his method to save Rumi is still not enough.Hachiman then run into Yukino where Yukino reveals that she knows that Hachiman was helping Iroha and that he didn't need to lie.Hachiman tries his hands in explaining only to be fruitless.Yukino told that he didn't need to force himself to come to club since he is always considerate about everyone.

Major events

  • Yui reveals that she knows about Hachiman helping Iroha
  • Hachiman asks permission to leave the club early pointing out Komachi's exam as a reason
  • Hayama and Hachiman's talk about helping others.
  • Elementary school students joins the Christmas collaboration event, Hachiman again meets Rumi and finds her situation altered a little.
  • The planing committee fails to progress in execution.
  • Hachiman runs into Yukino who also reveals that she knows that Hachiman is helping Iroha and He doesn't need to force himself to come to the club

Character Appearances

On screen appearance alone



  1. Chiba


  • The ending theme is Every day world Yukino's Ballade by Hayami Saori (Yukino's voice actress) with a slight change of usually ending theme's visual (i.e) focusing on Yukino's image alone than the other three Main characters
  • Hachiman's attraction to Saika is again shown.
  • The Chiba village scene of first season Episode 8 is reanimated.
  • In the anime Kaori didn't mentioned Hayama to Hachiman and Iroha.
  • In the anime Hachiman's mother didn't appeared only mentioned in name by Komachi.
  • Eye catcher at end has Yumiko holding a sandwitch pack while Hayama holding a canned drink

End eye catcher of season 2 episode 7

Review of the Episode


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