Season 2, Episode 10
YZ EP10 - 96
Season 2, Episode 10
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Air date June 5th, 2015
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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"What the Lights in Each of Their Hands Illuminate. "

Romanji "Sorezore no, tanagokoronouchi no akari ga terasu mono wa"


This episode marks the end of Volume 9 and beginning Volume 10 in Light Novel. The opening scene before the opening song is the adaptation of part of Chapter 8. While the rest is of Chapter 9 and 10 of Volume 9 and Chapter 1 and 2 of Volume 10.

Synopsis Edit

Isshiki is escorted home by Hachiman after her rejection by Hayato and reveals that his recent outburst in the Service Club had prompted her to act prematurely. Hachiman has the Student Council meet with the Service Club some time later and proposes that they adamantly push for a drastic change in the Kaihin-Soubu meeting to prevent a disaster in the Christmas event. The Soubu students then try this tactic at the next meeting and when Tamanawa shoots them down, Hachiman calls them out on their fear of responsibility coupled with their inability to perform under said responsibility as further proposed by Yukino. This has the desired effect and they soon settle on a musical rendition and stage play. Finally on the day of the Christmas event, Isshiki takes charge and the event turns out a huge success. The Service Club go out to celebrate the New Year a week later and Hachiman gives Yukino some advice to spend the season with her family. Hachiman and Yui go shopping for Yukino's birthday the next day and run into Haruno and Hayato while waiting on their parents. Haruno then calls Yukino over from home, much to her annoyance and her strained familial ties are expressed with her mother arrives and offers her to stay, but Haruno tells her not to.

Plot Edit

Hayama and Hachiman encounters each other after Hayato's rejection of Iroha, where hayama express his feelings of being flattered by Iroha's confession but feels it was meant for someone else. Hayama then praises Hachiman for able change people and again express that he is not a nice guy every one makes him out to be.

The scene shifts to the train, in which Iroha and service club members goes to their respective house. When the service club reaches their destination,hachiman questions iroha to which she forces him to stay by claiming that her bags are heavy.On their way Iroha suprises Hachiman that her actions are because of the influence of recent dispute in the service club and Hachiman's desire for genuine. When Hachiman asked her to forget it due to his emberssment.Iroha explains that she cannot and adds on that Hachiman should take responsibility for her actions .

The next day the student council meets at the service club where Hachiman proposes an idea to oppose Kaihin sogou as the ideas were sure to fail and possibility of becoming a joke.The vice president was not ready to go with Hachiman's idea this late in the game. But Iroha suprises everyone to get along with it.The next planing committee Sobu High proposes that they split their load and they will focuse on a christmas play but Tamanawa was againjst it by claming that it will affect the synergy and double risk and members of Kaihin sogou also agreed with Tamanawa. Hachiman again brought up the topic of lackness in budget and men but Tamanawa already had the answer that thay should deal with it in this planing committee.

Seeing no other altenative Hachiman call them on fear of responsibility.But the committee suggested a cool down since they feel of a communication lag. But Yukino further intensified Hachiman words with harshness which is later followed by Yui who calmed the situation by saying that spliting of load will make both the schools mark on the event and asked the opinion of Iroha and faced kaori for her answer, to which Kaori answers positively and ask for the agreement of her peers. Iroha later scolds Hachiman and Yukino for their stunt but they tried to wrong each other.

Hachiman later encounters Kaori who offers him a tinned tea drink. She explains that she sees him in a new light though she adds on that they cannot engage in a romantic relationship since she believes Hachiman didn't have the boyfriend material, to which he remarks that is a role that he is no longer interested in filling. However, Kaori states they can be friends before she invites Hachiman for their junior high reunion to which Hachiman bluntly turns down.

Hachiman later helps Rumi with the decoration, where Rumi first states that she can do it alone when Hachiman was about to leave, she watches him in upturned eyes. Hachiman without hurting her pride offered to help her by saying that he didn't need anyone's help. Later Rumi asked him to address her by her first name. Hachiman asked Rumi if she can star the christmas play Sobhu high putting on.

The next scene shows the day of the event, where yukino is making cakes and Yui is packing cookies. Iroha express her nervouseness to Hachiman and later asks him to keep up at their schedule to which Hachiman address her as president. The kaihin sogou first perform their concert while the Sobhu high is dressing the elementary student as angels for the play, we get to see Saki dressing up her sister as well. Rumi spotlight her performance while the rest of the angels of elementary school carry the cakes made by Yukino to the audience.

Hayama clique is also one of the audience. Both the president give instruction to their subordinates leading to a great success of the event.Then the service club members have tea in their room with a new mug for Hachiman which Yui claims as a christmas present while yukino brush it off as a replacement of paper cup.Hachiman thanked his clubmate for fullfiling his request, only to be hinted that the request is not over by Yukino and that she will fulfill his request confusing Hachiman and shocking Yui.

The next scene shows the service club members along with Komachi making a shrine visit.Yui asks Hachimant to accompany her in purchasing Yukino's birthday present to which hachiman agrees for their shopping the next day. Yui receieves a call from Yumiko during their stroll in the place while Yukino waves good bye to Yui as she was ready to leave to home. Komchi slyly slides away claming to purchase a good luck charm. Hachiman (aware of her motives) tries to leave as well but Komachi admonishes him and forces him to go with Yukino, providing alone travel between Yukino and Hachiman.

In a train due to inertia, Yukino holds onto Hachiman's sweater. Hachiman questions about Yukino's visit to her family for the new year but Yukino feels that won't make any difference .hachiman drops off at his stop but before leaving Yukino says that she looks forwards to this year along with them.

The next day , Both Yui and hachiman are shown to purchase things on a mall where they run into Haruno and Hayato who were waiting for the new year traditional family lunch.Hayato and Haruno explains their situation and Haruno slyly contacts Yukino to join them after a denial by Yukino, Haruno persuade Yukino to come by intimating Yukino the presence of Hachiman with them.Yukino arrives and suprises to see Yui with them as she was not informed of Yui's presence there.Yui explains about her shopping with hachiman which earns a visible reaction in Yukino's face.

Haruno critisize Yukino for being late but Hayato defends Yukino and address her by first name accidently and later brush it off.Later Yukino's mother arrives to the spot and was introduced. Mrs Yukinoshita was suprised to learn that they were Yukino's friends.When the yukinoshita family along with Hayato was about to leave for feast, Yukino was relutant to go and looks at Hachiman but haruno understood the meaning and asked Yukino not to, an awkward situation is felt in the restarunt.

Major events Edit

  • Iroha Isshiki declare to Hachiman to take responsibility for her action after her rejection by Hayama.
  • Hachiman makes a plan to persuade or oppose the decision of Kaihin Sougou High.
  • Kaihin Sougou High and Sōbu High School work individually and divided their responsibility for the Christmas collaboration after they were convince by Sōbu High School that they must work separately to save more time and have enough budget and the event became success.
  • Kaori explains her new found respect for Hachiman and offered him to be her friend.
  • Rumi Tsurumi became the star of the Christmas play for Sōbu High School.
  • Hachiman's request has been fulfilled and the relationship between the club members are restored.
  • Hachiman, Komachi, Yukino and Yui went to the shrine to pray during the new years' day.
  • Hachiman and Yui went shopping while finding a present for Yukino on her birthday.
  • Hachiman and Yui runs into Hayato and Haruno who were waiting to attend new years feast by their family
  • Hachiman and Yui meet Yukino's mom for the first time.
  • It's shown that Yukino is resentful of her mother.

Character Appearances Edit

Debut CharacterEdit

  • Keika Kawasaki
  • Yukino's Mother

Location Edit


  1. Chiba
    • Fantasy Destiny land dreams
      • White castle
    • Takashu community center
      • Seminar Hall 1
    • Sobu High School
    • Shrine
    • Kesai Inage station
    • Solo shopping mall
    • Chiba cafe latte club

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time Yukino shown to mention Hachiman's first name
  • Yukitoki, which was the Opening theme in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU's first season , was used as an insert song in this episode.
  • Eye catcher at the end shows Haruno holding a stick ice cream while Komachi holding a canned drink in her hand with Hachiman in mind

Eye catcher at the end of season 2 episode 10

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