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Saika Totsuka

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Saika Totsuka
Vital statistics
Voice Actor Mikako Komatsu (Japanese)
Jang Kim (Korean)
Occupation Student
Tennis Club Member
Age 16
Birthdate May 9
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Saika is a member of the Tennis Club. 

He is first introduced in the series when he asks the Service Club to help him improve his tennis skills. Since then, he is a recurring character and is often involved in the Service Club and their activities. 

The females in his class often refer to him as "The Prince".


Saika has a soft, feminine appearance, and on occasion is mistaken as a female by Hachiman. He has short, light brown hair, large, sparkling blue eyes, and light skin tone. He is seen wearing his gym uniform throughout most of the series, often accompanied by his tennis racket, a towel around his neck or both.

In the anime, it consists of a dark and light green sports jacket, similar colored shorts with black knee length tights underneath, and wears a v-neck inner shirt that is long sleeved and a lighter shade of green in color.

In the manga, his shorts are slightly longer and his inner shorts are not visible.

In the light novels, his clothes are exactly the same as in the anime, except his jacket is initially light blue and changes into green later in the novels, and his inner shirt is short sleeved with a blue collar and is white.

He also wears a black bracelet on his right wrist.


Saika has a soft, and kind demeanor, as well as a feminine appearance, which confuses Hachiman on multiple occasions to mistake Saika as a female, though once he realizes he might fall for Saika, he instantly stops himself by remembering Saika is a male. Though, he ends up proposing to Saika and blushes and he obviously wants him and loves him.

Saika is one of the few people who truly wants to be closer than friends with Hachiman, despite Hachiman wanting to stay a loner because of Hachiman's tsundere-like attitude. He is also one of the few people who admire Hachiman for his true, kind personality. 

Saika loves sports, mainly tennis. 


Hachiman HikigayaEdit

Saika and Hachiman seem to be on great terms. Saika seems to have a very kind and loving personality towards Hachiman, and even goes as far as to hug him when their team wins the athletic tournament, making Hachiman blush like crazy . 


Hachiman asking Saika to cook for him every morning.

Everytime Hachiman talks to Saika, Hachiman is often blushing, despite Saika being a male. Once being approached by Saika in class, Hachiman blushed, stating, "Please cook for me every morning for the rest of my life" causing Saika to be utterly confused, in which Hachiman quickly responds "I'm not fully awake yet."

Hachiman often has 'thoughts' about Saika, and quickly stops himself from 'falling for the Totsuka route' after quickly remembering that Saika is a male,

Hayato HayamaEdit


Hayato and Saika participating in Hina's play.

Hayato and Saika seem to be on friendly terms. Saika and Hayato even participated in the main roles of Hina's yaoi play, though Hachiman was originally supposed to be in Saika's place. It is shown that Hayato was initually reluctant to take the part, though he eventually obliges due to his courteous manner. Saika was shown to not argue or complain about participating, though instead wondering rather cutely to Hachiman if he was "right for the part." 

Yui YuigahamaEdit

They're classmates and probably Yuigahama probably thinks of one day crossdressing Saika and taking pictures of him. They're really on good terms.


"Hachima~n" to Hikigaya Hachiman.


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