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Relationships Hachiman Yukino Yui Shizuka Hayato Yumiko Yoshiteru Saika Komachi Haruno Hina Saki Rumi Meguri Minami Isshiki
Hachiman Hachiman and Yukino Hachiman and Yui Hachiman and Shizuka Hachiman and Hayato Hachiman and Yumiko Hachiman and Yoshiteru Hachiman and Saika Hachiman and Komachi Hachiman and Haruno Hachiman and Hina Hachiman and Saki Hachiman and Rumi Hachiman and Meguri Hachiman and Minami Hachiman and Isshiki
Yukino Yukino and Hachiman Yukino and Yui Yukino and Shizuka Yukino and Hayato Yukino and Yumiko Yukino and Yoshiteru Yukino and Saika Yukino and Komachi Yukino and Haruno Yukino and Hina Yukino and Saki Yukino and Rumi Yukino and Meguri Yukino and Minami Yukino and Isshiki
Yui Yui and Hachiman Yui and Yukino Yui and Shizuka Yui and Hayato Yui and Yumiko Yui and Yoshiteru Yui and Saika Yui and Komachi Yui and Haruno Yui and Hina Yui and Saki Yui and Rumi Yui and Meguri Yui and Minami Yui and Isshiki
Shizuka Shizuka and Hachiman Shizuka and Yukino Shizuka and Yui Shizuka and Hayato Shizuka and Yumiko Shizuka and Yoshiteru Shizuka and Saika Shizuka and Komachi Shizuka and Haruno Shizuka and Hina Shizuka and Saki Shizuka and Rumi Shizuka and Meguri Shizuka and Minami Shizuka and Isshiki
Hayato Hayato and Hachiman Hayato and Yukino Hayato and Yui Hayato and Shizuka Hayato and Yumiko Hayato and Yoshiteru Hayato and Saika Hayato and Komachi Hayato and Haruno Hayato and Hina Hayato and Saki Hayato and Rumi Hayato and Meguri Hayato and Minami Hayato and Isshiki
Yumiko Yumiko and Hachiman Yumiko and Yukino Yumiko and Yui Yumiko and Shizuka Yumiko and Hayato Yumiko and Yoshiteru Yumiko and Saika Yumiko and Komachi Yumiko and Haruno Yumiko and Hina Yumiko and Saki Yumiko and Rumi Yumiko and Meguri Yumiko and Minami Yumiko and Isshiki
Yoshiteru Yoshiteru and Hachiman Yoshiteru and Yukino Yoshiteru and Yui Yoshiteru and Shizuka Yoshiteru and Hayato Yoshiteru and Yumiko Yoshiteru and Saika Yoshiteru and Komachi Yoshiteru and Haruno Yoshiteru and Hina Yoshiteru and Saki Yoshiteru and Rumi Yoshiteru and Meguri Yoshiteru and Minami Yoshiteru and Isshiki
Saika Saika and Hachiman Saika and Yukino Saika and Yui Saika and Shizuka Saika and Hayato Saika and Yumiko Saika and Yoshiteru Saika and Komachi Saika and Haruno Saika and Hina Saika and Saki Saika and Rumi Saika and Meguri Saika and Minami Saika and Isshiki
Komachi Komachi and Hachiman Komachi and Yukino Komachi and Yui Komachi and Shizuka Komachi and Hayato Komachi and Yumiko Komachi and Yoshiteru Komachi and Saika Komachi and Haruno Komachi and Hina Komachi and Saki Komachi and Rumi Komachi and Meguri Komachi and Minami Komachi and Isshiki
Haruno Haruno and Hachiman Haruno and Yukino Haruno and Yui Haruno and Shizuka Haruno and Hayato Haruno and Yumiko Haruno and Yoshiteru Haruno and Saika Haruno and Komachi Haruno and Hina Haruno and Saki Haruno and Rumi Haruno and Meguri Haruno and Minami Haruno and Isshiki
Hina Hina and Hachiman Hina and Yukino Hina and Yui Hina and Shizuka Hina and Hayato Hina and Yumiko Hina and Yoshiteru Hina and Saika Hina and Komachi Hina and Haruno Hina and Saki Hina and Rumi Hina and Meguri Hina and Minami Hina and Isshiki
Saki Saki and Hachiman Saki and Yukino Saki and Yui Saki and Shizuka Saki and Hayato Saki and Yumiko Saki and Yoshiteru Saki and Saika Saki and Komachi Saki and Haruno Saki and Hina Saki and Rumi Saki and Meguri Saki and Minami Saki and Isshiki
Rumi Rumi and Hachiman Rumi and Yukino Rumi and Yui Rumi and Shizuka Rumi and Hayato Rumi and Yumiko Rumi and Yoshiteru Rumi and Saika Rumi and Komachi Rumi and Haruno Rumi and Hina Rumi and Saki Rumi and Meguri Rumi and Minami Rumi and Isshiki
Meguri Meguri and Hachiman Meguri and Yukino Meguri and Yui Meguri and Shizuka Meguri and Hayato Meguri and Yumiko Meguri and Yoshiteru Meguri and Saika Meguri and Komachi Meguri and Haruno Meguri and Hina Meguri and Saki Meguri and Rumi Meguri and Minami Meguri and Isshiki
Minami Minami and Hachiman Minami and Yukino Minami and Yui Minami and Shizuka Minami and Hayato Minami and Yumiko Minami and Yoshiteru Minami and Saika Minami and Komachi Minami and Haruno Minami and Hina Minami and Saki Minami and Rumi Minami and Meguri Minami and Isshiki
Isshiki Isshiki and Hachiman Isshiki and Yukino Isshiki and Yui Isshiki and Shizuka Isshiki and Hayato Isshiki and Yumiko Isshiki and Yoshiteru Isshiki and Saika Isshiki and Komachi Isshiki and Haruno Isshiki and Hina Isshiki and Saki Isshiki and Rumi Isshiki and Meguri Isshiki and Minami

Other Character Info Edit

Hayato is friends with Kakeru TobeOoka, and Yamato.

Saki's brother is Taishi Kawasaki who is friends with Komachi.

The four girls who outcast Rumi are Yokko, Mori, Hitomi, and Yuka.

There's a physical education teacher named Atsugi.

There's a home economics teacher, Mrs. Tsurumi

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