Pan the Panda is a mascot for Destinyland. Also known as Pan-san the Panda, or just Pan-san. In the official Volume 3 English translation his name is Ginnie the Grue, a clear reference to Winnie the Pooh.

It is noted to be a very popular Destinyland character. He is is featured on several rides such as Pan-san's Bamboo Hunt[1], and Pan's Bamboo Fight.

Pan-san is noted to be based off of Winnie the Pooh.

Yukino Yukinoshita is shown to have a strong fondness for Pan-san. It could even be considered an obsession as she knows his entire background. She also has an original manuscript of the story, given to her as a birthday gift when she was younger.[2]

Appearance Edit

He is commonly seen as a stuffed animal or plushy although various form of merchandise are sold.

Pan-san is described as having evil-eyes, sharpened claws, and fangs. He is often holding a bottle of an unknown liquid.

Background Edit

Pan-san the Panda's story was originally titled Hello, Mister Panda. It was changed to Panda's Garden. It was written in English by an American biologist for his son. His son wasn't able to adjust when they relocated for his work.

Yukino mentions reading an original copy helped her learn English as a child. She also admires the love the author shows for his son.

References Edit

  1. Volume 3, Also notes that it is similar to Pooh's Hunny Hunt.
  2. Volume 3, Chapter 4.

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