Vital Statics
Gender Male
Physical attributes
Personal Status
1.High School Student
2.Member of Baseball Club
Affiliation Sobu High School
Anime Debut Episode 2
Seiyu/Voice Actor Minoru Shiraishi

Ōoka  is a member of Hayato's clique. He is a member of the baseball club.


According to Hayato, he is easy to get along with, always helping other people out and always polite and respectful to his elders and his juniors. Because of that, Hayato believes he is a nice person.But Yukino feels that he is an opportunist who worries about his reputation. Hachiman describes him to be a virgin.


As not much of a focus is given to Ooka but from the perspective of the audience that he is averagely good in sport at least in baseball, skating etc. He was also mentioned to performed in Hina's play and the musical concert in the cultural festival along with Hayato, Yumiko, Tobe and Yamato.


Volume 1

He was first shown to get along well with hayato clique to whom Hachiman refers to as the top castle. He was chatting with them all the time. When Yumiko wanted to have ice cream, Hayato gently warn her of regretting it, to which Ooka joins in.

When Yui was tormented by yumiko for breaking off to lunch, Ooka stayed, with nothing much to do. Even when the class exited due to the tense atmospher, he stayed in the class with his clique.

Later, he watched the double mixed tennis match of Hayato &Yumiko vs the service club. He bursted out laughing after Yumiko worded that no girl would play along with Hachiman.It is not far fetch to know that Ooka supported Hayato and Yumiko in the tennis match. He was dumbfounded by Hachiman's last two serve against Yumiko and Hayato.

Volume 2

YEP04 - 03

Ooka in false chain message text

He is also one the victims and also a suspect of numerous false chain messages. One of the messages claimed that he played roughly at a practice match just to take out the other school’s ace player.Given his personality as stated by Yukino and comparitive of the three,  most likely it was him who spread the chain messages. But it is not mentioned who the culprit was. Following, Hachiman's advice, Hayato didn't pair up with any of his three male members of clique. Leaving themself (Tobe, ooka and Yamato) to form a group. However, they choose and went to the same as Hayato's work place visit.

Volume 6

Minami ordering around Hayato's three friends

He was later shown to perform in the concert and class play in the cultural festival along with his clique.He along with Tobe and Ooka was bossyed by Sagami to finish the lightings but Ooka retaliate with few of his own words.

Volume 6.5

Ooka was shown to participate in the athletic festival. He was in White team. He cosplayed in the opening ceremony. He along with Tobe,adn Yamato replaced the female broadcasters in time of Chibasen game.Ooka's commentary lacked neutral as he stated mostly in favour of White team. He also highlighterd the battle between Yumiko and Yukino

Later, he participated Botaoshi event.He witnnolancaly saw Yoshiteru speech to his team mates. Following Hayato's command Ooka along with yamato and Tobe tried to stop Yoshiteru, but was overpowered by Yoshiteru who pursued to victory.

Volume 7

He is frequently shown to chat and laugh with his clique
YZEP01 - 20
members. Like most of his classmates, he believes Hachiman is seriously terrible after the rooftop incident. This can be seen when he and Yamato laughed at Tobe's Somethingtani-kun on Hachiman's surname. Later, he made a joke out of Tobe's name when Hayato warmly reprimand Tobe for it.

In the Volume 7 chapter 2 of the light novel, he and Yamato accompanied Tobe and Hayato to the service club. When Tobe refused to state his request in front of Hachiman as he is zero reliability and there's nothing for him to do, he and Yamato giggle in agreement.Hayato, Yamato and he then left the service club a they only decided to accompany Tobe and had no intentions of discussing what to do. This part was completely ignored in the anime adaptation and manga adaptations.

YZEP02 - 32

Tobe nervous before his confession time

He and Yamato splitted from the grouping in times of their field trip to let the service club assist Tobe in his request. He played mahjong with his clique in their room and also proposed that the loser has to get chocolates from girls room but was reminded by Hayama the presence of P.E teacher in between floor which lead to the unopposed desicion of Tobe (loser) to buy them snacks and drinks. He also calmed Tobe down when he was tensed about the following day.

YZEP02 - 44

Ooka and Yamato schocked at Hachiman's action

He accompanied his clique members to the spot where Tobe planned to confess to Hina and was greatly shocked when Hachiman confessed instead. Hachiman felt that Ooka and Yamato were hiding something as well. Instead of being there to support their friend, they just lend their help because they thought it was fun which Tobe himself also aware off. After Hina's rejection of Hachiman they console Tobe and dragged him along.

Volume 8

Ooka was dragged in to the conversation to keep the flow going after a slight strain in the clique that day after Yumiko, Hina, Tobe witnessed Hayama's outing with the girls.

Volume 10

YZEP11 - 3

Hayama coldly talks to Ooka

In Episode 11 of season 2 (adaptation of Volume 10), he inadvertently strained his friendship with Hayato after he asked Hayato whether he is indeed dating Yukino, which caused Hayama to show his cold side rendering him speechless out of fear but brushed it off as a rumor. He defensively told Hayato that someone saw them together in times of winter break without saying who saw them or told him, but then Hayato agrees that it was just a rumour and made peace with him, much to his relief. It is likely that he unknowingly started the rumour as the whisperings of Hayato-Yukino relationship began after his question, as the rumor started to spread throughout Sobu High.He was training for the marathon along with Tobe, Yamato who tried to run a head of Tobe who slightly back downed.

At the end of the marathon he and Yamato was shown to cheering and clapping for the Hayato for winning the marathon and Hayato's speech regarding Yumiko and Iroha.He was later shown at the Hayato's victory party enjoying  with his clique

Volume 11

YZEP12 - 5

The gang wants valentine chocolate

In Episode 12 of season 2 (adaptation of Volume 11), When Tobe spited out his desire for valentine treat,  both Ooka & Yamato shot a glance over the girls but was shot down by apathetic look from Yumiko. He expressed his envy of Hayato is good in times of Valentine for recieving chocolate compared to others in their clique and also explained it to be a waste after hearing that Hayama was not going to accept any valentine chocolate.


He is a member of Hayato clique and in on good terms with Hayato, Kakeru Tobe, Yamato, Yumiko, Yui and Hina. He was shown to chat with them in free time and mentioned to go on outing with them.Hachiman feels that the Hayama clique especally boys appears to be close but he concludes that they are nothing but superficial.

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