Mrs. Hikigaya
Vital Statics
Gender Female
Physical attributes
Hair color Black (Manga)
Eye color Black (Manga)
Personal Status
Affiliation Unnamed Husband
Hachiman Hikigaya (Son)
Komachi Hikigaya (Daughter)
Light Novel Debut Volume 3
Manga Debut Volume 3

Mrs. Hikigaya is the mother of both Hachiman and Komachi Hikigaya.

She first appears in Volume 3, Chapter 3. Her first Illustrations are shown in the @comic manga.

Appearance Edit

She has dark hair with the Hikigaya ahoge.

Personality Edit

She is grumpy in the mornings and when her sleep is interrupted. She is very kind to Komachi, shown when she gives her money to go for food and shopping. Yet she doesn't give any to Hachiman, meaning she favors her daughter more than her son but it has been mentioned that she does love him as well.

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