According to Hachiman Hikigaya's observation, Minami is superficial towards everyone and others are likewise towards her. Hinting that everyone around her and herself are friends for name sake alone.

Sobu High School Edit

Minami's clique Edit

None of the names of her current or first year clique members are made known to the audience.Almost all of her clique were shown to share certain personality traits of Sagami

Class CliqueEdit

Minami's clique

Minami and her clique's antagonizing laughter at Yui Yuigahama

Minami is mentioned to be the leader of the second most influential clique which is next to Hayato's clique in hierachy in class 2-F. They laughed sardonically, when Yui shows her interest in becoming the planning committee member for the cultural festival. Minami often arrives late to the planning committee because she is hanging out with them. Mostly Sagami badmouths about others to her clique. In Volume 6.5 Sagami is still upset by Hachiman's comments he said to her during the cultural festival. She gossips to her clique and badmouths Hachiman behind his back.

Gossipying girls

Minami ditching the meeting in order to gossip with her clique

It was also mentioned (in Volume 6.5 and Volume 7) that after the cultural festival, they darted stares at Hachiman with scorn, disgust and disdain for him. They would sneer/burst out laughing when their gaze met with Hachiman's. They would make stylish jokes of him and spread gossip about him throughout the class, possibly throughout second year. Minami did not join in nor stop her clique for this but instead just looked down in pain, indicating that she realizes her unworthiness as Hachiman told her back on the rooftop. However, after the fun times the clique spent in Kyoto, their gossip about Hachiman slowly wavered away.

Haruka & Yukko Edit


Minami at the conference with Haruka and Yukko

In Episode 10 of season 1 (adapted from volume 6 of the light novel), her conference friends' first names were mentioned to be Yukko ( Voiced by :Megu Sakuragawa ) and Haruka ( Voiced by :Miki Inoue). All of them call each other by their first name. Minami made sure that these two were in the same rank as she was in the cultural festival planing committee, as both of them sit together with Minami and Yukino in the conference room. There is a possibility of Yukko being her clique member in first year but now of different class. Both Haruka and Yukko are members of the all-girls basketball club and like most girls of Sobu High, they admired Hayato.
Surprised at Hachiman

Hayato and Minami's friends stunned at Hachiman for scolding Minami

When Minami went into hiding, they accompanied Hayato to the rooftop to coax her to return, explaining their concern and worry of her disappearance. Hachiman felt that they likely came because Hayato requested them to do so. They then leave with her after Hachiman was violently slammed to the wall by Hayato for harshly berating her, muttering insults on him as they were under impression that Hachiman was horrible. Both of them then consoled a sobbing Minami after she delivered her ending ceremony speech.

Higher quality

Aftermath of the Culture festival: Haruka, Yukko, and everyone else show sympathy for Minami just as Hachiman planned.

From his observation Hachiman, although Haruka & Yukko did show sympathy for Minami when Hachiman belittled her on the rooftop back in the Culture festival, he concluded that both Haruka and Yukko were friendly with Minami only in face value and nothing more which was later shown to be true. It was mentioned by themselves that they badmouthed Hachiman along with Sagami throughout the school.

In Volume 6.5, it seems that their friendship has deteriorated. Both of them refused to carry out Sagami's plan during the athletic festival planning committee meeting, which didn't surprise Hachiman at all. This shocked Sagami greatly as she was hoping for them to stand up for her like they did during the cultural festival, which they undoubtedly did only to be in higher social status and to slack off. Most of the opposition or gossip about Sagami orginated from them. They even avoided Sagami when she came to greet them.

Haruka and Yukko
At the final meeting of the planing committee, When Sagami introduced the harsh rule against the slackers by prohibiting them from taking part in the athletic festival, they released emotional stress in harsh words directed at Sagami that opened up the trauma and wounds that Sagami suffered cultural festival. They also stated that Sagamis tardiness to meetings and her half-hearted role in times of the cultural festival in comparison to the athletic planing committee where she acted more like a chairperson, reducing Sagami to tears.

Hayato HayamaEdit

Hayato recommending Minami

Hayato recommending Minami as the Culture Festival female representative

Like numerous other girls in her school, Minami seems to be interested in Hayato, the most popular boy in their school. Thus she often tries to make appeals to him to get his approval. Hayato seems to acknowledge her existence but nothing about their interaction is mentioned. Minami was also recommended to the athletic planning committee by Hayato himself, but only so that way he can push the role off of his clique and also because of Tobe's suggestion in class. But soon regrets it. Hayato was able to see through Minami's facade, not to mention her incompetence and irresponsibility, and mentally despises it, but doesn't show it and behaves friendly with her face-value. Hayato also displayed his negative opinion through his hidden words in an conversation with her which Hachiman alone can understand. Minami also tried her hand in making an appeal to Hayato. In the light novel, Minami, along with her clique, tried to invite Hayato to go out for a snack with the pretext of inviting the remaining members staying in the planing committee (Yukino, Hachiman, Yui, Hayato) but every one including Hayato turned down the offer. Minami and her clique were planning to walk home with Hayato, the result of the plan is unknown.

Hayato, Haruka, and Yukko attempting to comfort Minami into coming back to the school.

Hayato also came in search of her in during the Culture Festival closing ceremony along with Haruka and Yukko. While Hayato and Minami's friends attempted to unnervingly comfort her into returning to the festival, Hachiman sneered at her unworthiness with a selection of harsh words in order to persuade her to return to her duty and also scapegoat himself on her behalf, Hayato showed his violent side for the first time by grabbing the front of Hachiman's shirt and slammed him to the wall, then warned him to cease talking. It is possible that he done that not only to defend Minami, but also he was aware of Hachiman's true intentions, and wanted to stop it.

In Volume 10.5, Hachiman visualizes the benefits of putting Hayato in the school newspaper and imagined Sagami keenly sneaking his picture.

Meguri ShiromeguriEdit

Minami wanted the commendation of student council president. At first, Meguri was excited to see Minami volunteer for the chairman but she soon showed her regret for letting Minami become chairwoman. As Minami slacks off in regards to leading and instead spends time with her class preparation. Meguri was dumbfounded when Minami handed over power of attorney to Yukino.


Meguri silent as Minami dumps her work on Yukino

Even though Meguri didn't comment anything, it is obvious that Meguri doesn't view Minami in good light at least in the responsibility category, as she was speechless when Yukino suggested Minami to be the athletic festival chairperson. Meguri also stated her concern of wanting things to not be ended like the cultural festival planning committee. Meguri too understands why Hachiman scolded Minami on the rooftop. However, Meguri went with Yukino and Yui to persuade her to be the chairperson for athletic festival.

In Volume 6.5, Meguri praised Sagami for taking up the role in comparison to herself being unreliable most of the time and relied mostly on the student council members.

Saki KawasakiEdit

Saki and Minami

Minami praising Saki's work

Although their interactions were very brief and barely shown on-screen together, Minami and Saki appear to have a decent relationship, especially compared to Minami's other relationships. While Hina Ebina is the one who assigned Saki as the costume designer for the Culture Festival, Minami complimented her work on the costumes.

Yumiko MiuraEdit

Like most characters in the series, the anime rarely shows Yumiko and Minami interacting or even talking but they do interact very briefly in the light novel.

Minami appears to hold a great amount of enmity and possibly jealousy towards Yumiko for her higher hierarchy position and her close relationship with Hayato but she doesn't show it. However Hayato and Hachiman were able to read it from her words. Yumiko isn't concerned about Minami at all, as she picks her friends based off their cuteness and doesn't bother with anyone with less social status than she does. Yumiko also puts a stop to Minami and her clique from damaging Yui's reputation, as Minami was labeling Yui as Hachiman's girlfriend to the whole class, whom she considers inferior in the class society.

In Volume 6.5, Sagami bowed and requested Yumiko's help due to lack of manual for the event signifying some sort of compromise from Sagami side towards Yumiko. Sagami and Yumiko finally able to tolerate each other existence after Sagamis experience from the athletic festival committee of Harukka and Yukko.

Haruno Yukinoshita Edit

Episode 10-4
Minami wanted the commendation by the so-called legendary Haruno Yukinoshita. Minami put up her innocent façade in front of Haruno when they meet for the first time. Despite that they just met, even Minami felt the intense cold words from Haruno for being late and immediately knew she was outclassed, causing her to shiver. Haruno used Minami to gain approval to participate in the cultural festival of Sobu High school (proving she sees Minami as nothing more than a pawn). Haruno is able to read through Minami's facade and purposely misleads her to teach her a lesson for centering the festival around herself, by telling Minami that she should be having fun instead of working hard, thus leading to Minami slacking off for the planning committee room.

The Service Club Edit

None of Service Club members bear a good relation or view Minami in a good light. The same goes for opposite side of the spectrum with a little respect for Yui & Yukino.

Yui Yuigahama Edit


Yui and Minami appear on good terms at first

Yui tells Hachiman that both Minami and herself "almost get along", implying their difficulty to maintain a mutual friendship. Yui was a member of Minami's clique in their first year of high school and Minami was friendly to her back then. But now Minami holds a grudge towards Yui for joining the superior clique in the very next year, thus leaving a permanent dent in their friendship that Yui tries her best to make up for. When Minami and Yui find each other at the fireworks festival, they appear to be close friends at first as Yui calls her by a cute nickname, "Sagamin". However, after Yui introduces Minami to the boy that she (Yui) is with (Hachiman), Minami behaves completely different than her earlier friendly exterior. Minami smirks at Hachiman and teases Yui saying "I wish I was young". Even after Yui struggles to sustain a genuine smile and denied being in a romantic relationship with Hachiman, Minami clearly believes she is now better than Yui.

Yui's strained smile at Minami at the Fireworks festival

Hachiman noticed the bizarre difference in their attitudes towards each other. Whatever the case, Minami appears to maintain her relationship with Yui in face-value, but behind Yui's back, Minami talks trash about Yui to her clique and tried to convince the whole class that Yui was Hachiman's girlfriend. On the other hand, Yui was more or less friendlier while Minami looked a little distant and uninterested. But she eventually accepts that she too, hates Minami.

When Hachiman came to Yui, to ask for her help in filling the exhibit application of class 2-F. Yui tactically asked Hachiman, if Hayama was in the conference room and went there with Hachiman, indirectly luring Sagami to the conference room. When Sagami invited the remaining members of the committee for a snack, both Yukino and Hachiman declined, to which Sagami indifferently agreed but persuaded Yui to stay. Hachiman read between the lines and concluded that Sagami wanted Yui so that Hayato wouldn't decline the offer. In end everyone declined. In Volume 6.5, Yui tried to console Sagami about the opposition from the volunteers.

Yukino Yukinoshita Edit

Episode 10-3
Minami tried to take help from Yukino during the Culture Festival after learning she is very talented, with an ulterior motive to slack off while Yukino did all the grunt work. However, Minami grew jealous of Yukino for naturally taking up the spot light and makes her realize her inferiority, which puts a dent in Minami's ego. Minami finally took a stand over Yukino by including Haruno in the planing committee to which Yukino was relutant from the beginning, and Haruno praised Minami for her slacking off and thus restors Minami's ego, and making her no longer fear Yukino. In order to make sure Yukino did not try to steal her spotlight again, Minami jabbed at Yukino for her unsettling relationship with her older sister, saying that she should put her own personal feelings aside and buckle down to work, thus gaining undeserved praise from Haruno.

Yukino also doesn't see Minami in a good light, as she can see through her personality and intentions. But Yukino still recommended Minami to become the athletic festival chair person which Minami did after Hayato's persuasion. Yukino persuaded Sagami to take up the role seriously.

However, they did not contact each other after the festival.

Hachiman Hikigaya Edit


Minami's hatred at Hachiman

The first character in the series that Minami does not immediately use her façade on, is Hachiman, as she had no plans of impressing him. She looks down on Hachiman when she first set her eyes on him at the fireworks festival, which can be seen at her smirk that made Hachiman feels he was at a court marshall. Minami views Hachiman as a social outcast and a loser. Hachiman however, is fully aware of Minami's true personality. She is arrogant, and incapable of doing anything meaningful for the culture festival, but he chooses to just not care about her instead of hating her.

Hachiman draws attention to himself....

After their encounter at the fireworks festival, Hachiman tried to just ignore her, but was dragged into matters in the planing committee when they were both chosen to be the male and female representatives for the Culture Festival planning committee. While Minami behaves irresponsibly as a chairwoman for the Culture Festival, always late for meetings and ultimately proving she labeled herself as the chairwoman solely for the attention. Hachiman is the first member of the entire committee to point out to everyone how much most of them (especially Minami) were irresponsibly using Hachiman and Yukino to slack off.


.......only to call her out on her incompetence.

Hachiman made up a slogan containing a thinly-veiled criticism on the entire planning committee members of their irresponsibility of loading a huge amount of work on him, while the majority of them slacked off. This earned him a bad reputation from them as they muttered in a tone that suggested Hachiman was mentally troubled, but they still took their responsibilities seriously, with the exception of Minami who was too arrogant to admit to everyone that she was wrong.

The moment of truth

Hachiman finally cracks Minami's ego.

After failing in her duty as a chairwoman, she ran away and hid, causing another disaster for the cultural festival. When Hachiman managed to find her, she resented him for it as she was longing for someone more popular (specifically Hayato, or one of her friends) to do so. Hachiman chose his words to not be the ones which Minami wanted, but instead the ones that would vilify him and be most effective. Even when the popular Hayato, along with her two friends coax her to return, she still is reluctant to return. Seeing no other option, Hachiman uses an array of harsh criticism on her to make her realize her unworthiness, not to mention to scapegoat himself on her behalf. Hachiman's scapegoating made her his "perfect victim", as Yukino pointed out, and drawing immense sympathy from her fellow 2-F classmates and planning committee members.

Undeserved pity

Haruka and Yukko comforting Minami while Hachiman continues his job and shows no care.

In the light novel, Minami would neither join nor stop her clique members from badmouthing Hachiman, but she wears a downcast expression every time his name is mentioned, as she is still unable to forget his harsh words during the rooftop incident.

In Volume 6.5, they exchanged a word or two in a sports festival planning committee meeting. Yui also notices Minami's hatred towards Hachiman, which Hachiman does not seem to mind and instead he appeared to feel proud of. Either due to his choice or lack of options. Sagami took the advice of Hachiman to bring the hammer down on the opposition.

Yui and Yukino feels that Sagami changed, since she didn't give away the person (Hachiman) who broke the rule during the Botaish event and stated the foul in a round about manner. When Hachiman and Sagami crossed path in the hallway, Sagami asked him to think of her without any scorn, hatred or malice, to which Hachiman feels that Sagami begins to ignore Hachiman and he will also likewise.

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