Minami Sagami
Minami Sagami
Kanji 相模 南 (さがみ みなみ)
Romanji Sagami Minami
Vital Statics
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthdate June 26
Physical attributes
Hair color Brown(Dark)
Eye color Brown
Personal Status
Status Alive/Active
Occupation High school student
Affiliation Sobu High School
Light Novel Debut Volume 5, Chapter 6
Anime Debut Episode 9
Seiyu/Voice Actor Minako Kotobuki


Minami Sagami is a student of Class 2F and is a classmate of Hachiman Hikigaya and Yui Yuigahama. Though her appearance is brief (Constrained to the view point character) She made a great impact in the plot.


Minami is a teenage girl with unknown height and weight. She has gray eyes, short brownish hair that reaches down the nape of her neck and thin eyebrows. She also wears pink earrings danglish under her ears, and purple nail polish on her fingernails. She wears the standard Sobu High School female uniform.


On the surface, Minami appears as an innocent, modest, and unassuming girl, but she only puts up this façade for attention. Being the leader of the second most influential clique in her classroom, Minami is proud, has a high ego, and is rather pompous. It was revealed that she was depending on the group's combination to improve her own popularity and nothing more.

Underneath these characteristics, Minami lacks confidence in her own abilities, leading others to dote on her except for Hachiman, and a majority of the main characters who are able to see Minami for who she truly is. According to Hachiman, Minami has too much arrogance and pride to admit her mistakes or confess she was wrong, and will instead badmouth and blame others for her problems to cover up her uselessness.

The cultural festival was a traumatic incident for Sagami both due to Hachiman's harsh criticism and  her self-realization of her own worthlessness and wishes to avoid the topic. She is emotionally weak, since she can be easily reduced to tears with words alone.

After the athletic festival, there are hints of changes in her personality and social behaviors but was not clearly focused. There are hints of Sagami maintaining distance from her peers to avoid getting hurt.


Minami is the type of person that aims to stand out and shine from the rest but has nothing impressing about her to show, but despite this, her inter-personal skills, self-appeal ability, and social skills were strong. Even in the planning committee, she promptly found friends, people that would stay with her, and established a group. However, she has zero capability in leadership quality which has been proven more than once.

In addition, it was proven in the culture festival that without her popularity she has absolutely no talents and tries to gain as much praise while doing as little work as possible which ultimately failed.


Minami attended the same class as Yui Yuigahama in her first year. The combo and other girls from the class gained lot of attraction, leading to them becoming the most popular clique in that class, turning Minami proud and arrogant. However, in her very next year her crown was threatened by Yumiko Miura, who became the leader of the top clique. Yumiko selected her friends based on cuteness and thus Yui became a member of the higher hierarchy, while Minami got no seat. Minami wasn’t the least amused by this fact -and holds a grudge at Yui for this- and she soon became the leader of the second most influential clique in class.

Plot Review

Fireworks festival

YEP09 - 13

Minami and two friends from her clique getting introduced to Hachiman for the first time

Minami ran into Yui Yuigahama when she was strolling at the festival with her two friends. After a formal greeting with Yui, Minami asked Yui if she was at the festival with anyone, and Yui introduced them to Hachiman Hikigaya. Minami Sagami smirked and began evaluating him. Hachiman realized that the girls judge the other girl's status on the brands of their bags, clothes, shoes and the boy they are with. While Yui maintained a strained smile at Minami's comment. Hachiman leaves the site with an excuse to buy souvenir, to avoid any further damage on Yui's reputation. Yui returned with a serious look of apology and continued their outing. Thus both Hachiman and Minami view each other negatively.

Cultural festival committee


Minami shy as Hayato recomends her to be the female representative.

After Hachiman was forced to become the male cultural committee representative of the class, the female representative was yet to be selected. Yui was showing sign of interest to become class representative, but was shot down by her clique. Minami begins to make sardonic laughter on Yui along with her clique recollecting their encounter in the fire work festival. Hayato Hayama jumped in and pushed the representative role from his clique and requested Minami. So in order to impress Hayato, she instantly agreed with the idea.


Minami volunteering as the Culture Festival committee chairwoman

On the first day for the committee meeting room, Minami volunteered to be event organizer, chairperson for the cultural festival in order to promote her worth without the actual ability to do such a job, and thus made a request to the Service Club to have them assist her. As such, Yukino Yukinoshita took up the role of assistant event organizer and claimed the spotlight. Minami is everything but happy that Yukino took everything in her own hands and leaving her to just nod for the her head while the whole committee relying on Yukino which leaves a dent in her ego.


Minami praised by the rest of the committee members

Meanwhile, Haruno Yukinoshita shows up at the committee and tries to apply for a musical performance much to Yukino's reluctance, but, after arriving late, Minami approves, in an attempt to get back at Yukino for taking the committee's spotlight. With the influence of Haruno's praising, Minami suggests that they take a break and help enjoy setting up for the festival to Yukino's disapproval, thus leading to a catastrophe of unfinished workload due to the schedule. All of this, while the committee slack off, Minami, enjoyed her time in the class with her clique members gossiping and laughing at.


No one in the room says a word as Minami dumps all her work on the "assistant", Yukino

Everyone showed a dissappointment, when Minami came to the planing committee only to give her power of attorney to Yukino and states that time fly when they are having fun indicating she is having fun instead of taking her responsibility and leaves with her clique.Sagami sighned the papers presented by Yukino without checking them.

In the light novel, it was hinted that she came to the planing committee after realizing that Hayato was there to fill his volunteer application and ended up giving her power of attorney to Yukino.


Hachiman's sarcastic suggestion for the theme for the cultural festival

On the day to decide theme for the festival, Hachiman indirectly teases Minami's suggestion, and counters with his own, which involves using wordplay on the Japanese Kanji for "human" which describes an analogy for half of the committee members slacking off from their duties, while relying on the rest and hence victimizing. The next day, the committee comes out in force with Yukino continuing to take charge of them in order to make the cultural festival a successful one.Haruno also indirectly made fun of Sagami which no one comprehend (with exception of Hachiman)

Minami's stage fright

As the festival starts, Minami falters in her opening speech with a bit of stage fright. Minami felt useless after Yukino took control of the planing committee while Yumiko took care of her class responsibility. In Light novel, in times of the class first huddle.for the play, she was more or less unhappy and was probably reflecting on the blunder and uselessness which was observed by Hachiman ouside the huddle who couldn't join them for his own reasoning of not helping them for the class play.

Depressed with her inability to do anything meaningful for the festival, Minami locks herself in the bathroom and refuses to host the closing ceremony hoping for the spotlight to instead be directed at her. Minami also took with her the voting results for the excellence and community awards, the tally of the votes was all done by people at the conference room.Thus she ensured the importance for her search.


Minami depressed in the bathroom stall

The teachers and student council members along with some volunteers went in search of Minami throughout the school. Minami was requested to come to the stage through school's P.A system. Yui and Meguri tried calling her cell phone only to find it switched off. Hayato placed a post in the social network and hoped for a reply if any one saw her. The search failed from afternoon to evening.

After considering all the possibilities and with less than 15 minutes in hand for the closing ceremony, Yukino decides to ask Hachiman to search for her while Yukino, Haruno, Yui, Shizuka and Meguri to stall time.


Minami getting told off by Hachiman

Since Minami is needed to deliver the closing speech, the group & Hayama's clique decide to stall for time while Hachiman searches the campus for her. Hachiman begins to stand in the shoes of Minami to understand her and realizes that she wanted to be in higher hierarchy in class but lost to Yumiko, then wanted something of equal cader like the title of chairman of a committe but doesn't want work load and responsibility, as she doesn't have the ability or talent.

Hence lost to Yukino.


Hachiman's smirk

After some logical thinking and elimination of choice of places, Hachiman eventually finds Minami at the laboratory roof with the eliminated suggestion of Yoshiteru, to Minami's disappointment of not being found by someone popular. Hachiman realizes that she is sulking because Yukino stole the spotlight away from her, despite asking for her help. Hayato and Minami's clique consisting of Haruka and Yukko shows up to get her, although she refuses to budge.

YZEP01 - 11

Hayato grabbing Hachiman's shirt and dashing him against the wall after Hachiman scolded Minami

Seeing no other alternative, Hachiman craftily uses reverse psychology combined with Minami's true social reality plus some harsh scolding to guilt her into accepting her duty, using a tone which enrages Hayato to the point of violenty grabbing the front of his shirt and smacking him hard to the wall. Thus, Minami got what she desired: The school's idol defending her. Afterwards, the festival ended as Yui, Yukino, Haruno and Shizuka Hiratsuka gave their extra musical performance followed by Minami's closing speech while her sympathisers tried to cheer her up.

Closing Speech

Minami giving the closing speech in tears

In the light novel, Yukino told Hachiman that Minami shouldn't be forgiven for abandoning her responsibilities and running away. However, when she returned, it was as if she were a victim of whatever crude words Hachiman has just used and she even had Hayato and her two friends as her witnesses. This make her a perfect victim and Hachiman a criminal, drawing an immense sympathy from everyone and a deep loathing directed at the latter. Thus Yukino finalized that Hachiman saved her, which was also pointed out by Shizuka..

Higher quality

Aftermath; Everyone gives undeserved pity to Minami just as Hachiman planned.

Initially Hachiman disagreed but agreed since her claims seem to be true afterwards, But Hachiman claims that Hayama's presence made it all possible.But Haruno states Hachiman to be humble.It was mentioned in the light novel that she didn't receive any growth from the culture festival.

Athletic festival committee

After Hayato persuaded Minami into the role, she was once again choosen as the chairwoman of the sports festival planning committee with the same planning committee members during the cultural festival which was omitted in the anime.

While she still disliked Hachiman, she took his harsh words from the rooftop to heart and even attempted to redeem herself by fulfilling her duties as a chairwoman. She took her responsibilities seriously and worked better than that of the cultural planing committee. However, Yukino mentioned that her work was not the best, not to mention that she was late for the first planing committee members meetings, leading to a negative opinion from the rest of the committee members. Sagami felt the intense stare after being late to which she timidly introduced herself as the chairperson of the committee. Mostly the session was ran by Meguri even though headed by Sagami.

After some failed brain storming session for the event, the committee followed Hachiman's advice of recruiting right people for the job (Yoshiteru and Hina). their ideas were voted uniformly by the committee. Sagamin suggested that both events to be included with one for each gender. Though agreed, most volunteers especally her friend Yukko and Haruka were not happy with the work load and used club activities as an excuse.The oppression grew from volunteers section and the negative rumors of the committe spread throughout the school. When Hachiman was against the negotiation with the sports club members, he gave a statement of how people act on emotion and will not pledge to the reasoning. To which every one was thinking about Sagami's action in times of cultural festival planing committee.

Intially Sagami was left with the idea of resigning the role but Yukino's words, along With Hachiman's enraged her from quitting. In class Sagami stated Hachiman's word to her clique which followed up as a badmouthing of Hachiman to which Tobe was also dragged in. Sagami tried to patch up things by apologising but the volunteers found various reason for to avoid the labours.

The student council along with some volunteers managed to finish the entrance. The Volunteers of the sports club were favouring Botaish event (Probably for Hayama's participation), but expressed difficulty for Chibasen event through Haruka. When Sagami question that the event was accepted whole heartedly by the committee, Harukka came with some excuses which cannot be countered.

Finally Sagami understood the dept of her relationship and wonders about the progress. Meguri gave her praise for her performance so far. Hachiman suggested an idea to counter them. Following which Sagami stated that those who are unwilling to organize or help in setting, are forbidden to attend the athletic festival which pushed the buttons of Harukka and Yukko to spat criticising words towards Sagami about her past iin cultural festival and dragging Hachiman into it. When Hachiman tried to intervene, Sagami shouted at Hachiman with words which were indirectly aimed at Haruka and Yukko, but Sagami was reduced to tears and was to be consoled some where else. The committee agreed to the proposal. When Yumiko came to the conference by Yui's persuation, Sagami requested Yumiko's manual support by bowing.

At the end of the athletic festival, Hachiman stated that the Miss Chairperson (Sagami) gave a fine conclusion, indicating that Hachiman acknowledged the growth of Sagami. Sagami declared that the result of botaish event was avoided, leading to the victory of  white team with out stating the clear reason. The true reason was the violation of rules. The red team objected and  up-roared with questions of "what violation?" and "who committed it?". To which Sagami stated that both teams made fouls and dangerous stunts without revealing anything or anyone.

Only a few (Hayato, Yukino, Yui, Saika, Yoshiteru, Meguri, etc) knows about the violation of wrapping the bandage over the red band, done by Hachiman which was never revealed to the student body. This surprised Hachiman of the growth or change over written the true nature of Sagami, who normally seeks attention and badmouth others for her flaws.

On his way to the vending machine, Hachiman came across sagami who was carrying the pile of paper of athletic festival. Sagami asked him to give her a way with out glancing at him, both of them went their way like strangers. Sagami was finishing her final phase of work as the chairperson of the athletic festival without the aid or persuasion of the service club,

Second Season zoku of anime

Sami recommending Minami as a good student council president

Saki Kawasaki suggesting to Hachiman that Minami would be a good student council president on paper

Minami has only had minor non-speaking cameos in season 2 and no real roles in any of them. She appears with the rest of the characters in the ending theme song. In episode 1, she makes a brief on-screen appearance in a reanimated rooftop incident, of her crying from Hachiman's harsh words and later in same episode, she can also she can be seen as a cameo on the bullet train to Kyoto and looking thrilled for the field trip. In episode 5 Minami's name is written on a paper by Hachiman, as a suitable person for candidacy of student council presidency by the suggestion of Saki Kawasaki. Her final appearance in the whole show is in episode 8 while Hachiman is giving his request to the service club of something genuine, he has a flashback of the students he's interacted with, one of which, was Minami, and he remembers watching her cry when he scolded her on the rooftop.

Addressed / Nick names

Sagamin                          by                Yui Yuighama


  • “Don’t put me together with the likes of you…”-Minami Sagami to Hikigaya Hachiman


  • Fulfilling Minami's request was the worst social suicide done by Hachiman, drawing loathing from his fellow 2-F classmates and the cultural festival planning commitee members. Yukino teasingly pointed that Hachiman became the most hated person in the school, although this was questionable. Fortunately, this soon blows over as time passed.
  • Minami's facade is seen through by Hachiman, Hayato, Yukino and Haruno.


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