Meguri seems to be on good terms with almost all students of Sobu high school.

Student CouncilEdit


Meguri with the student council members

She has a good relationship with the student council members. As the president, she spends most of her time with student council members/committee. She also volunteered in helping the council in selecting the next President candidate. She also actively participates in various committee as well (cultural committee, athletic committee) and contributes her help to some extent. 

YZEP12 - 80

Meguri sharing cookies with her colleagues

Even after their retirement from student council and busy schedule for their incoming entrance exam, they seems to participate and enjoyed valentine chocolate in the pre-valentine event held by both Sobu high and kahin sogou high schools.

Haruno YukinoshitaEdit


Haruno, Meguri, and Yukino in the Cultural Festival Committee

Haruno is her former upperclassman whom she greatly admires. She plays in a band along with her as well. Haruno also seems to know Meguri and her thinking well as she predicted that Meguri would ask Yukino to succeed her. Even though Meguri never said anything like it, she did hope for it which she mentions to Hachiman when he helped her vacate student council room

Shizuka HiratsukaEdit

Shizuka was the one directed Megumi to the service club in times of athletic festival for help. Shizuka and Megumi view each other in good light and respect each other in good terms

Iroha IsshikiEdit

Meguri & Iroha 01

Meguri and Isshiki.

Isshiki Succeeded Meguri as student council president. Meguri was willing to help Isshiki as she took her to the service club for advice of not winning the election and also offered her help regarding student council duties, after Iroha became the president. But Iroha seems to have hard time dealing with her being to be a pretend air head and hence avoid asking any help from her claiming that she did not want to disturb her, as Meguri was preparing for final exams.

Service ClubEdit


Meguri with the Service Club members

Meguri requested the Service Club to help her make the Sports Festival merrier after witnessing their help in the Cultural Festival. The Service Club accept her request and they attended the athletic festival committee to make the Sports Festival more interesting.


Meguri's vision of service club as Student council

It was later hinted that she expected Yukino to succeed her as the President of student council, Yui as the vice president and Hachiman as the general affairs, and she will visit them even after her graduation to discuss their past fun moments but to be in vain.

Yukino Yukinoshita Edit

Meguri and Yukino

Yukino and Meguri in the Service Club.

She recognize her as Haruno's sister in cultural festival committee and recommended her to be the cultural festival committee chair person,but Yukino turned her down. She shows concern for Yukino, when she takes on most of the work for the Cultural Festival.

Hachiman Hikigaya Edit

Hachiman and Meguri

Hachiman helping Meguri carrying her boxes.

She is among those who hold Hachiman is high regard, and acknowledges his leadership skill. She is also aware of Hachiman true motives of provoking Sagami on the laboratory rooftop, and even though she was disturbed by it, she still views Hachiman in a positive light. Megumi was relieved when Hachiman was accompany Yukino in times of athletic festival, so things won't go out of hand.

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