Meguri Shiromeguri
Meguri Shiromeguri
Kanji 城廻 めぐり (しろめぐり めぐり)
Romanji Shiromeguri Meguri
Vital Statics
Gender Female
Age 17-18
Birthdate January 21
Physical attributes
Hair color Brown
Eye color Greyish/Brown
Personal Status
Status Alive/Active
1.High school student
2.Former President of Student Council
Affiliation Sobu High School
Light Novel Debut Volume 6, Chapter 2
Anime Debut Episode 10
Seiyu/Voice Actor Azumi Asakura (Japanese)

Meguri Shiromeguri is an upperclassman and the former student council president of Sobu High School. She was introduced in her third year of High school.


Meguri is good-looking girl with greyish eyes and presumably curly shoulder-length brown hair that she wears in twin braids. Her fringe is cut short and parted to the left side of her face, and donned with three pink hair clips, two on the right, one on the left. She is usually seen wearing the school uniform in a normal manner


Episode 10-2
She is a cheerful, out-going, optimistic and team-spirited girl. She always tries her best and acts postive. But she is more of the airhead type which attracts almost all of the student body support. She takes everyone's opinions. She gets along with every one without any discomfort or hard feelings.


Although she is not a reliable leader herself, her personality has brought her immense support from the councilors and thus she is able to unite the student council. She is also seen in participating in athletic festival events and contributed to some extent. Even as the president of the student council, she is an excellent coordinator.

YZEP01 - 09

Meguri playing piano as of reanimated scene in season 2

She is able to play the piano as seen in episode 12. She was in a band in times of Haruno's third year and was also mentioned to play along with her.


It was mentioned in light novel that she took Liberal arts (humanities) as her career path for her third year. She was introduced in times of cultural festival as the president of student council president.


Cultural festival

Being third year, she couldn't be the chair person of cultural festival committe, so request any one in the conference for the vaccancy. SHe recoganized Yukino as Haruno's sister and wished for her to take up the role.But Yukino declined, despite the pleading persuation of Megumi. Sagami wshed to do the role as chair person to which Megumi was happy to finish the first step.In times of the first meeting, Yukino dominated the committe to which Megumi wasn't much suprised and showered her praise.

Later, Megumi happened to run into Haruno and informed her of the cultural festival to which Haruno want to volunteer. the following days, Haruno applied for the volunteer of  musical event. But Yukino was more cold and tried to reject Haruno. Megumi tried to negociate of Haruno's achievement in her times as a chair person.Megumi introduced Sagami to Haruno. When Megumi wanted the committee to take a break from schedule and help class, Megumi had a worried face and didn't know wheather to veto the idea. When the committe begins to slack of, Megumi was down for not going against Sagami and hoped that more volunteers would come the following day. But the number of volunteers reduced each day.

When Hayato came to submit his volunteer application, Meguri offered him a tea While offering tea every available person in the conference. When Sagami entered and offered her stamp to Yukinoshita as power of attoney, Megumi stated her thought of going to far, but Sagami brushed it off .Megumi taking the open advice of Hayato to distribute the load, persuaded Yukino to do it. On the day of the slogam selection, Megumi was dumbfounded by Hachiman's wording, not understanding the truth meaning behind, she describe her dissappointment towards him, when every one left the room, as she had good esteem his hard work.

When Sagami went missing, Megumi along with few student council members instigated the serch in afternoon.With closing ceremony approching she discussed the issue with Yukino along with Hayato, Hachiman, Yui and Shizuka. Yukino requested the idea to stall time by putting an extra musical concert with Shizuka, Haruno, Yui and Megumi. By the end of the cultural festival the rumors of the roof top reached Megumi, like every one else she voiced her dissappointment to Hachiman before fleeing in happy mood for the completion of successful cultural festival.

Athletic festival

At the time of the athletic festival Megumi send a mail request to the service club regarding organizing new event and also to win. While requesting help, she couldn't remember Hachiman's name and misunderstood Yui's explanation of Hikigaya as Yui's name.Yui cleared the misunderstanding leaving Megumi embarrassed for not remembering the name.This lead to the usual bantter among the club members. Megumi promises to remember Hachiman's name and acknowledged Hachiman's work in the cultural committee. Megumi was happy that all of them were in the same team.

The service club lacked ideas While Megumi wanted Yukino or Yui to be the chair person of the athletic planning committee, but both of them turned down the offer. But Yukino suggested Sagami  for the role which shocked and dumbfounded her. She was willing to go along with it since Yukino is willing to take full responsibility While Hachiman and Yui was with Yukino's side. Megumi accompanied Yukino and Yui to persuade Sagami to take up the role which succeed after Hayato negotiated Sagami into it.

In the planing committee, Megumi requested some volunteers from sports club for the event. After Sagami arrived late for planing committee, Megumi hosted the first session and asked Sagami to the rest. Megumi was shocked just as Sagami went the opposition arised from Sagami's friends and volunteers of Sports club. After Hachiman' suggestion, Megumi for second time pronounced him despicable guy with a smile.The committee went with Hachiman's plan which steered up the emotion of the members and settle down with an agreement. On the day of the sports festival, Meguri witness the usual exchange of the service club and called it them being a team. The service club promised to fulfil her request of winning the events.

Megumi along with the the student council ambushed Sagami in the Chibasen match and wonm a few ribbons.But Hachiman's stunt lead to the teams disqualified But Megumi some what happy.

Student Council Election

Megumi again visited the service club along with a new customer, Iroha Isshiki. Iroha didn't want to run for student council election but was nominated. The unwritten law of second year being the minimum qualification for student council, Megumi also didn't want Iroha to run But since no other candidate came forward, the vote of confidence procedure came into action. Accepting Iroha's claim, Megumi directed Iroha to the service club.

The Service clubbeing at it's tension forced Iroha and others to come another time.After some incidents and Hachiman's persuation, Iroha accepted the role, being the first year student council in the history of Sobu High breaking the unwritten law.

Megumi vaccated the student council room with Hachiman's help and offered help if needed , While vaccating Megumi commented the room to be different. Megumi stated her hope of Yukino succeeding her as student council president while Yui becomes Vice-president while Hachiman beomes general affairs and how she wanted to visit that student council room after graduation and talks of the fun times of cultural and athletic festival.

After the election she was mentioned to be preparing herself for her test. After her retirement as student council president, it was mentioned that she received a designated school recommendation for university by Sobu High School.She returned to the school for the academic and career center, to guide her juniors in choosing their carrer path.

She made her appearance again in Episode 12 of season 2 where she enjoyed eating valentine chocolate with and for her former colleagues of student council in the pre valentine event of Sobu high and Kahin high.


  • "Hey hey hooo!!"
  • (To Hachiman): "To be honest, I had expectations. Yukinoshita-san would become the president and then, to add to that, Yuigahama-san would be the vice president. Then Hikigaya-kun would be the general affairs."


  • The 'shiro' in her name means 'white'.
  • Meguri is the first person in the series to whom Hachiman offered to carry her belongings, the second is Iroha.


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