Komachi Hikigaya
Komachi Zoku
Komachi Hikigaya
Kanji 比企谷 小町 (ひきがや こまち)
Romanji Hikigaya Komachi
Vital Statics
Gender Female
Age 14-15
Birthdate March 3
Physical attributes
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Blood Type O
Personal Status
Status Alive/Active
1.Middle school student
2.Member of Student council
Light Novel Debut Volume 1, Chapter 6
Anime Debut Episode 4
Seiyu/Voice Actor Aoi Yuuki

Komachi Hikigaya is Hachiman's younger sister. She is also a member of her school's student council.


Komachi normal appearance is same as a middle school girl. Just like Hachiman, she too has a strand of hair standing straight. In the light novel, it was mentioned that Komachi is flat chested even for a middle school student which is overshadowed by her charms. Komachi seems to like and have bob cut or short hair.



Teehee of Komachi.

Unlike her brother, Komachi has a cheerful and lively personality. She is also sly and crafty which Hachiman didn't seem to mind. In accordance to Hachiman's words, she’s got the Big Three: cuteness, prettiness and good looks. She sometimes tends to be cute. Komachi is well known for her charm which seems to attract everyone.

Because of this, it is possible she is a popular girl in her school as her brother is unpopular and not very well-known.

Komachi's helping hand

She is also a kind and caring person with an easy going personality. This can be seen when she requested help from the service club for Taishi and also in Chiba summer camp where she helped the elementary school students. She can also be serious when it comes to the matter of her family members' well-being. In one incident she refused to speak to her father for reasons unknown, which reduced her father to tears and even to the point of begging her to talk to him again.

She also refused to talk to Hachiman when he answered her questions with unintended roughness, until he consulted her for advice to mend things up, with her being the reason for it.



Komachi cooking for Hachiman in the OVA

She has very good cooking skills as she is usually the one that creates meals for herself and Hachiman. This can be seen in OVA. She very well knows the likes and dislikes of Hachiman in food and people.

Tumblr mu1n79i5Yj1qa94xto1 500

Komachi with apron doing cooking and eating with Hachiman

She seems rather perceptive of her brother as she is able to notice that Hachiman had done another social kamikaze even though she was not present at the time. She is good at taking care of Hachiman and knows most of his needs as quoted by Yukino.


It is mentioned that she goes to the same middle school to which her brother went to. She also aims for Sobu High for the reason of her brother being there. But her reason seems to be rude though as it is mentioned in the light novel. She says that she will look like a nice girl in everyone’s eyes, in comparison to her brother as she had received treatment for an angel in middle school for the same reason.

It was also made known to the audience that after the accident, Yui came to visit Hachiman as a thanks for saving her dog with sweets but couldn't because he was asleep at the time and was mentioned that she(Yui) would thank him in the school personally since they go to the same school and handed Komachi the sweets which she ate completely herself and forgot to inform Hachiman about it until a year has passed since that incident(Episode 5).

At some time, Komachi ran away from home once because she hated returning to an empty house. It was Hachiman who found her and he has been returning home before her ever since. However in light novel it was mentioned to be a lie told by Komachi to make Saki understand her brother's concern over Saki.

In drama CD, it was mentioned that in middle school, Hachiman gave a present to the girl whom he liked on her birthday, by staying up all night compiling a bunch of anime songs to recommend. His present was accepted, but tragedy occurred the next day. At lunch time, in the PA system of the school, the broadcast committee chose his song by saying : ‘Aaaand the next song was requested by Class 2C’s Otagaya Hachiman-kun (snicker), a love song (snicker) for Yamashita-san!’.

After this incident, the name Otagaya passed on even after his graduation, to which Komachi expressed her difficulty to pretend that Otagaya person to be someone else.


In Episode 7, Komachi slyly took Hachiman with her to Chiba summer camp for summer Service club activity to which he was relutant to go.

Komachi also went to Sobu High school's cultural festival to explore the place.It is likely that Komachi also knows about Hachiman social sucide in the roof top for sagami, as Komachi did explains Hachiman's odd behavior after the field trip in comparision to the time after the cultural festival's closing ceremony.

After the field trip Komachi asked for Hachiman's odd behaviour with the intension to help him But Hachiman was unable explain and rudely stated Komachi too mind her bussiness which started a silence treatment of Komachi towards Hachiman with much ignorance of the later by the former. They finally reconcile, after Hachiman appologised and asked for help. Komachi makes a personal request to Hachiman to stop Yukino and Yui from becoming student council president, inorder to save the service club from disappearing which Hachiman succeeds in.

In the later series she was shown to study hard for the entrance exam of Sobu High school in time of her winter. In Episode 13 of Season 2, she was going for the entrance exam of Sobu High School.


  • "Is my mouth jammed?" Komachi to Hachiman
  • "Komachi-teki ni point ga takai."Komachi to Hachiman
  • Oni-chan,What are you saying?,You dumbass! Nitwit!, Hachiman! Komachi to Hachiman


  • She was the Point of character for Tract 6 of drama bonus C.D titled Tatoeba Konna Birthday Song (たとえばこんなバースデーソング, "Birthday Song for you") of Volume 3.
  • On Wataru Watari's Twitter Profile, his profile picture is the visual novel version of Komachi Hikigaya. It could be an indication that Wataru Watari's favorite character in the series.


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