Kaori in middle school with friends/classmates

Kaori seems to be good friends with almost all the girls in middle school and quite popular as well. This can be seen from the gossiping of the girls in Hachiman's class, The girls also felt sorry for Kaori as Hachiman was the one to ask her out.

YZEP12 - 38

Participating in Pre-valentine event

Kaori remains a popular and sociable person as she got along fine with all student council members of Kahin Sougou and Soubu High. 

Kaihin Sogou HighEdit

Chika NakamachiEdit

YZEP04 - 7

Chika and kaori running for their double date with Hayato and Hachiman

They seem to be good friends and address each other by their first names. They also went on a double date with Hayato. In the light novel, Hachiman felt there may be a dent in their relationship after the double date but didn't want to discuss it. It is likely that she felt Kaori was responsible for the double date to end up badly as she frequently belittled Hachiman for nothing, leading to a cold reprimand by Hayato.

Tamanawa Edit

YZEP12 - 79
Tamanawa is the student council president of the school in which Kaori studies.Kaori and Tamanawa seems to work together in both the colloboration event held by their school and Sobu High.Though there are hints of Tamanwa harboring feelings for Kaori, but Kaori seems to oblivious about it.

Soubu High SchoolEdit

Hachiman Hikigaya Edit

YZEP04 - 10

Kaori and Hachiman seated in theatre on a double date

Hachiman explains his relationship with Kaori as middle school classmates. She is the girl whom he harbored feelings for and he even confessed to her, but he was rejected. Hachiman tried to avoid her after graduating from middle school just like all his classmates, but coincidentally he met her at the cafe.

Even though Kaori was mentioned to be friendlier and Honest towards Hachiman in the past which Hachiman thought to be kindness and her being nice. But her true opinion about him is revealed in her conversation with Haruno and Hayato, much to Hachiman's dismay

Even after the huge gap in time since they last saw each other, Kaori didn't seems to think highly of Hachiman. This can be seen from her conversation with Haruno and Hayama. It is still debatable whether she has Hachiman's contact info or not. Hachiman notices their distance which hasn't shrunk since the past which made Hachiman to understand and come to terms with the misunderstanding he made about Kaori in the past.


Kaori meets Hachiman after the planing committee at the lobby of the seminar hall

Hachiman doesn't seems to be bothered or jealous of Kaori's interest towards Hayato, as he acts completely normal during the date. When Hayama questioned him in the double date that if she is his type, Hachiman answered that it was back then and not now, indicating that he doesn't have feelings for her anymore. In the double date Hachiman says to himself that it was not rejection that is painful but the disappointment of the girl he thought he liked. He then tries to laugh away his past.

Later, she realized her mistake of her treatment towards Hachiman  taking him for granted and thus her attitude towards Hachiman changed. When Iroha questions Kaori about her closeness to Hachiman she becomes flustered in response, indicating that she never was really close to him. Due to the suddenness of Iroha's question, and her inquisitiveness, the two stumble on their wording and are vague when describing their relationship, which causes Iroha to become more suspicious.

Due to her attempts at trying to understand Hachiman, she does not bring up the fact that he confessed to her, even though she casually brought that topic during the conversation with Haruno, which surprises Hachiman. She also had a resigned smile on her face during her conversation with Iroha about Hachiman, indicating her regrets of her treatment towards Hachiman and taking him for granted.

Even after the double date and collaboration event where they often run into each other, Hachiman still tries to avoid her which is visible to Kaori herself.In the later series Kaori seems to think Hachiman to be hilarious which puzzles Hachiman himself.Kaori buys Hachiman a canned tea drink and states that he (Hachiman) has changed to a greater degree.but accepts that it was her fault for not seeing clearly from the start.In Light novel ,it was hinted that Kaori knows where Hachiman lives but didn't see him in that region for long time .

YZ EP10 - 46

Kaori offering Hachiman a canned tea drink

Kaori adds on that they cannot engage in a romantic relationship, as she feels that Hachiman doesn't have the boyfriend material, indicating that she properly considered Hachiman this time unlike the previous time.Later she intends to patch up their relationship, and have at the very least a semblance of a friendship. Even though her answer to Hachiman's past confession is the same but the tone and attitude is completely different of positive degree.

YZEP12 - 55

Kaori borrowing chocolate mould from Hachiman

Kaori also invited Hachiman to their Junior high reunion to which Hachiman frankly turned down.Kaori also promised to give a valentine chocolate to Hachiman, the current year. Thus she attracted a lot of curious and jealous attention towards her without her knowledge

Hayato HayamaEdit

YZEP04 - 14

Chika, Hayato, Kaori in theatre

Kaori is interested in knowing Hayama whom she feels as cool personality as a pretext for her friend Chika who was also interested in him. She was introduced to him by Haruno. Kaori and her friend Chika exchanged contacts with Hayama. It was revealed that Kaori and Hayama were texting each other and ended up making plans to go out. Throughout the date, Kaori tries to appeal Hayama along with Chika, but they ended up on bad terms by the end of the date.

In Christmas Collaboration event she explains to Hachiman how difficult it would be for her to face Hayama again. However, she took Hayama's word about Hachiman seriously and started to understand Hachiman in the joint event planning committee of the school. During the pre-Valentine event, Hayato and she didn't interact, and there are no mention both of them doing so despite they are in a same place.

Iroha IsshikiEdit

Zoku7 42

Kaori runing into Iroha and Hachiman on their way to seminar hall

Kaori made her acquaintance with Iroha in the planing committee. Even though they run into each other on the double date incident, neither of them seems to recognize each other. Kaori suspected that Hachiman was only helping the planing committee for to score with Iroha which Hachiman completely declines.

Iroha recognizes Kaori as Hachiman's past acquaintance and surprised Hachiman was close to someone in the past But kaori and Hachiman explained it otherwise leaving Iroha hanging and switching her vision between Hachiman and Kaori unanswered .

In times of the past, after the double date Iroha tried her hand in getting the information of the girls on the double date from Hachiman failed. Iroha coldly stated that she won't worry about them as they don't stand a chance against her


Haruno YukinoshitaEdit

Haruno and Kaori met each other at a cafe as a mutual acquaintance of Hachiman. Haruno learnt a lot about Hachiman's past confession from Kaori. Seeing that things were getting more interesting, she introduced Kaori and Chika to Hayato. Haruno also followed them stealthily on their double date. During the pre-Valentine event, Haruno and she didn't interact, and there are no mention both of them doing so despite they are in a same place. It is likely that she no longer interested in her, and she was fully aware of her belittling Hachiman during the date.

Yukino and YuiEdit

Kaori and service club girls just made an acknowledgement of each others exsistence. Both didn't have any sort of contact. Kaori never mentioned to have any knowledge  of the service club girls on or off screen. Kaori was made know of their acquaintance to Hachiman by Hayato coldly on their double date. Hayato also made a rude comparison between them and her. Kaori gave a peek in their direction and leaves with a nod of understanding something on the double date.Kaori assumed Hachiman to be dating one of them but was proved to be false. It is clear that she doesn't know their names as she constantly refers to them as "that girls" or  " the girls whom Hikigaya is close to".

It is likely she held them in high esteem, due to Hayato's reference words. But Yukino or Yui doesn't seems to be much.They recognise Kaori and also the opposite goes well, in the planing committee but doesn't care to have a conversation. Kaori just nodded a greet towards them while Yui bows at her in frustration, but Yukino just glared at her which is also again followed in Pre Valentine event.

Kaori also finds in her to praise Yukino and Hachiman for stirring things up in the planing committee to Hachiman and referred Yukino as that girl.

Both Yukino and Yui are unaware of Hachiman's relation to Kaori. Even though Hachiman mentioned his past confession to his club mate, they are likely  unaware of the girl to be Kaori

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