Hina Ebina
Ebina Zoku1
Hina Ebina
Kanji 海老名 姫菜 (えびな ひな)
Romanji Ebina Hina
Vital Statics
Gender Female
Age 16-17
Birthdate July 14
Physical attributes
Hair color Brown
Eye color Olive Green
Blood Type AB
Personal Status
Status Alive/Active
Occupation High school student
Affiliation Sobu High School
Light Novel Debut Volume 2, Chapter 3
Anime Debut Episode 2
Seiyu/Voice Actor Nozomi Sasaki (Japanese)

Hina Ebina is a classmate of Yui and Hachiman.Hina is a quiet girl and often hangs out with Hayama's clique.


General Hina is a tall girl with brown bobbed hair and green eyes. She wears a pair of red half-framed glasses. Hina's appearance in the second season comes with a certain degree of changes. The strand of hair in the first season was ignored, with certain changes in facial expression and hair style. Her specs seem to be more oval than in the previous season.


Hina seems to be an energetic girl, who is crazy and fascinated over BL and/or yaoi. Her yaoi interest was revealed in Episode 4, when Yui asked her about the strain in their clique's boys relationship. This was the first time she was shown to talk in front of the audience even though she was introduced in Episode 2. Hachiman feels that Hina's love for yaoi and her openness to express it was to scare the boys away from her which still is debatable.

Ebina TP

Ebina reminding Hachiman her request.

The fact that she hangs out with Miura gives away that she is cute. Miura says that she’s a real hit with the guys and plenty of those guys asked Miura to introduce them to her, but Hina always refused to meet with them.She is also very perceptive of the mood of her group of friends, whom she cares deeply for. She thinks that she is always forcing her personality and desires on others and she doesn't like herself for being selfish.Hina also says that she is rotten to her core.

Miura, one of the close friend of Ebina describes her as opposite of Yui. Hina wouldn’t forgive the person for taking a step over the boundary that she set to maintain her distance of her own discretion. Her hobbies other than bl are reading and drawing

She is also crafty in her own ways. which is noted by Yumiko, Hachiman while Tobe somewhat feels there is something beyond in her. During the athletic festival committee, Ebina present her idea of Btaish event and prescribe Hayato to be the captain of the white team also showing the picture care free smile of Hayato in one of her slide presentation, to which Hachiman feels that Hina is slyly selling her idea with the trade mark of Hayato which proved to work since most volunteers are girls and the committee chair-person being Sagami, who all have their crush or interest in Hayato.



Ebina as director and producer of class play

Ebina has a great leadership skills which is  shown during the class play for cultural festival. Ebina was the organizer, producer, director and screen play writer of the class 2F. She was recommended for athletic festival committee for her creativity in-order to make the events exciting.

She can also read the atmosphere of her group and always act to smooth things off. She is very observant, that she is able to realize the changes around her. This can be seen during the chain messages incident where she told Yui, albeit maniacally due to her BL obsession, of her suspicion that the three members of Hayato's clique Ooka, Yamato and Tobe are competing to get Hayato's attention. In Chiba Village summer camp, she understand Rumi's situation better than everyone, and told Hayato the flaw of his attempt to help Rumi.

In light novel her skills are mentioned to be drawing pictures


As Yumiko stated to Hachiman in the field trip, Hina never spoke about her past and everyone was sure that she hates to talk about it.When Hina thanked Hachiman in the roof top, she mentions that the current relationship is something she never had and was happy with it, hinting of a strained and unpleasant relationships of her past.


Hina was shown to be Bl person from the time of introduction

In Chiba village summer camp, she is shown to knows more about the relationship and characteristic of girls better than Yui and Miura, as she said that girls are more scarier than what Hayama thinks.

Being the member of the superior clique of the class, she became the director, producer, and screen writer of the musical play of class 2F for the cultural festival. She shows unusual interest in pairing Hachiman and Hayama in her yaoi play.

YZEP01 - 38 1

Hina request to service club.

During the Field trip event, her clique was divided in an unusual manner, realizing what it meant, she filed the request to the service club and personally asked Hachiman for his help indirectly to prevent Tobe from confessing to her, because rejecting him would change how everyone got along.

Hachiman later realizes the true meaning of her request and helps her by confessing to her just before Tobe can during the school trip, to which Ebina declines by saying she's not ready to date anyone at the moment. Hachiman's act fulfilled both Hina's request of stopping Tobe's confession and Tobe's request of not being rejected.

YZ EP09 28

Her clique and service club in Destiney land

In Episode 9 of season 2, she was shown to enjoy her time with her friends in their trip to the destiny land. where she said that the awkwardness of her clique are gone  thanks to Hachiman. She also assisted Tobe in helping him distract Yumiko in order to provide space for Iroha's confession to Hayato. Later she went with Iroha to console Iroha being rejected.

Later she was mentioned to choose Liberal arts for her career path in third year. When Yui invited Hina to the service club to discuss thing of Hayato's career path.She started of with the idea that Hayato's work place visit may relate to his carrer path choice and deviates to her fantasy. While leaving Hina hints Hachiman to follow her which he did. In discussion, Hina reveals that Hayato might somehow save their clique from the pressure of career path choice. When Hachiman questions if she trust him(Hayato) that much. Hina answers that to be her selfish hope or desire on Hayato to answer without any one getting hurt.


  • "A Hayo x Hachi is a must buy! No...a must GAY!" Hina to Hachiman & Hayama
  • “Hayato-kun is covering for Hikitani-kun… Yesterday’s enemy is today’s homo, buha—“
  • “Maybe if it was you Hikitani, we might be able to go out just fine.” Hina to Hachiman


  • She is a fujoshi (BL/yaoi fangirl).
  • Fulfilling Hina's and Tobe's individual requests is the third social suicide done by Hachiman. Fortunately for him, it was kept secret from their other classmates, not to mention he gains Hina's gratitude and Tobe's goodwill.
  • She is the second person to be confessed by Hachiman, even though it's a fake. Kaori Orimoto was the first person Hachiman confessed to.
  • She is the second person to thank Hachiman personally for his advice and help.
  • She has a similar resemblance to Tamako Arai, a minor character from Barakamon, who also wears glasses, quiet but has an unpredictable mood swings, and also, a fujoshi.
  • Her special skills are: drawing pictures and standing in long lines.
  • Her hobbies are: Reading (historical novels, mainly the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the Bakumatsu) and drawing pictures.
  • When asked how she spends her days off; she answered "Going to events, shopping in Ikebukuro, meeting with friends".


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