Hayato Hayama
Hayato Zoku
Hayato Hayama
Kanji 葉山 隼人 (はやま はやと)
Romanji Hayama Hayato
Vital Statics
Gender Male
Age 16-17
Birthdate September 28
Physical attributes
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Blood Type B
Personal Status
Status Alive/Active
1.High school student
2.Captain of soccer Club
Affiliation Sobu High School
Anime Debut Episode 2
Seiyu/Voice Actor Takashi Kondo (Japanese)
Tae Yeol Jeon (Korean)

Hayato Hayama is a central figure in class 2-F and the ace of the Soccer club. He is popular in school and almost every girl in the school (except a few) seems to be either interested in him or has feelings for him.

His popularity seems to exceeded Sobu High as Kaori Orimoto and her friend Chika Nakamachi from Kaihin Sougou High School were curious to meet him.Kaori also adds on that there are bunch of girls who want to meet him but not specifying any school or group.


Hayato is a very handsome young man, with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears the typical Sobu High School male uniform neatly.


He is extremely kind towards people, including Hachiman, and often offers his help to others. He was mentioned to live up to everyone's expectation. He is also shown to be incredibly protective of his friends and classmates, and not above using violence whenever they are severely provoked or insulted. This was shown when he violently grabbed the front of Hachiman's shirt in rage after he tongue-lashed Sagami and told him to cease talking, because not only was it seriously offensive, but also because he was aware of Hachiman's true intentions to scapegoat himself so that everyone will direct their displeasure to him instead of Sagami. 

He is also very pacifistic and forgiving. During the chain messages incident, he only requested the Service Club to stop the chain messages spreading without revealing who the culprit was. 

He tends to see positive qualities in everyone, especially his clique members. He once gave good opinions of his three clique members Tobe, Yamato and Ooka and believes them to be great individuals during the chain messages incident, but Yukino pointed out their character flaws, much to his displeasure and disapproval. 


Hayama's participation in Chiba summer camp

He has also been an active volunteer for various activities. This is shown by his participation in Service Club activities for the Saki case, the Service Club's Chiba Village summer camp, and also in the cultural committee of Sobu High.

He is also quick to defend them from negative descriptions. Examples include:

  • When Tobe described Hachiman as seriously terrible for tongue-lashing Sagami, he stated that Hachiman is simply foul-mouthed and he is not as bad a person as he seems to be.
  • He defended Hachiman again when Kaori Orimoto and her friend belittled the former by stating coldly that Hachiman is not what they think he is, and that he has befriended girls who are better than both of them, causing them to be confused and embarrassed by Hayato's unexpectedly harsh words.
  • Furthermore, when Yukino gave negative opinions on his friends Tobe, Ooka and Yamato, he gave Yukino a smile with an expression that was angry, regretful and anxious all at once.

Despit being social, he is naive in some negativeness of social relation like the jealous in girls friendship (Rumi), his own clique relationship's dept (false chain message incident), etc.

YZEP11 - 3

Hayama coldly talks to Ooka

Hayama also has a cold side which Hachiman is well aware of, but he purposely ignores it for his personal satisfaction. Only a few characters in the series have witnessed/experienced it first-hand. Hayama also was mentioned to have too much pride by Haruno. Hayama once admitted to Hachiman that he is not a nice guy as everyone thinks of him. Later, he revealed that he has an inferiority complex towards Hachiman, and "hated" him for it.

In order to get along with everyone as per his own motto, he consciously decides to choose no sides, which he tells Hachiman in his victory party after the marathon is the best choice by his own judgment. Hayama defends the image of "Everybody Hayama" by fulfilling everyone's expectations imposed on him. Hayama has his set of fans consisting of both genders who generally cheer him on in time of sportive competition by shouting his first name in uniform timing as “HA~ YA~ TO~ GO!! HA~ YA~ TO~ GO!!”



Hayama's charisma

As described by Hachiman, he is able to attract people due to his popularity. And the fact that he is the ace of the soccer team proves him to be athletic person. He has a very impressive charisma.He stands second in Japanese language subject next to Yukino in school.


Hayama in athletics

He is mentioned to be good in all academic and extracurricular activities along with sports. He is the captain of the football team of Sobu High which denotes his leadership ability, as shown in the athletic festival.He single handedly took his white team to toppe the Red team.

In Volume 10.5, it was mentioned that He is the president of the club president meetings and also act as the representatives of all the club president.

YZEP11 - 31
He has won every match held by the judo club in succession until the semi-finals, but had to bail in the finals due to circumstances of his clique, which is mentioned in the light novel. He is a successive winner for two years in the annual marathon race.


Hayama playing tennis

He was able to play on par with Yumiko in tennis, even though he never played double tennis before. He can also play guitar, which is shown by his clique's performance of musical concert in the cultural festival.


Hayama and Tobe bullying act

He can also act which is shown in Hina Ebina's yaoi play for the cultural festival. During Chiba Village summer camp arc, he, along with Tobe and Yumiko act as delinquents threatening Rumi and her peers. He despised doing it, and felt that Hachiman was extremely horrible for coming up with such a plan.


Hayato's family is on good terms with the Yukinoshita's, however, this is not known by many at the school. He, along with Yukino, studied together at an elementary school overseas (USA in the light novel). His family is wealthier than the Yukinoshita family. It was mentioned that in their younger years, Haruno would look after Hayato and Yukino when their parents were out on bussiness related works. It was also mentioned that the trio spent time in the amusement park where Haruno would mess with them resulting in a fear of rides for Yukino. During his middle school, there are hints of rumors about him and Yukino being a couple spread throughout the school causing a strain in their friendship.

He took football seriously in middle school and continued in high school. In high school, during the middle of his second year, he was made captain of the team.

Something regarding Rumi's situation bothers him which Yukino confirms. Hayato also told Hachiman that there were incident similar to that incident of summer camp but he couldn't do anything about it and also adds that things would be different if Hachiman was there

During the field trip, Hayama told Hachiman that things once lost could not be retrieved as a reference to his past. However, he decided to refrain from speaking about it in detail, to which Hachiman choose not to press the issue.

Hayato is relutant to take any valentine chocolate, Yukino once reminisced that back in their elementary school days, this would leave a troubled atmosphere the following day.


Hayato choose work tour related to media or a multinational corporation, Makuhari Messe, located in the north-west corner of the Chiba prefecture. Hina feels that it was something related to his career path for the future.

YZEP04 - 28

Hayama giving initial of the girl he likes

During the double date Hayama and Hachiman share their opinion of love life. Hayama says aloud that he feels both of them have never truly fallen in love before, causing Hachiman to recall the time at the summer camp where Hayama gave off the initial "Y" for the name of the girl he liked.

In times of winter holidays, both Hayato's and Yukinoshita's families were planning for a new year's feast to which Yukino was relucant to attend. Both Yui and Hachiman went shopping to purchase Yukino's birthday present, coincidently running into Haruno and Hayato. Haruno ceases to use this opportunity to lure Yukino. Both Yukino and Hayato were witnessed in the cafe by someone from Sobhu High which resulted in a rumour of them dating. It spread throughout Sobhu High, resulting in a difficult and awkward situation for Hayato and his clique.

This rumour also lead to the passes and confession of many girls who had a crush on him, giving him more tense situation.


  • “You might be right. But… the things you lose won’t come back.”Hayato to Hachiman
  • “We've probably never truly liked anyone… you and me both,”  Hayato to Hachiman
  • "I told you, didn’t I? I’m not that good of a guy as you make me out to be.” Hayato to Hachiman
  • “…You’re pretty amazing. The way you just change the people around you.” Hayato to Hachiman
  • “Picking the only possible option when there’s nothing else can’t be called my own decision.”
  • “But even so… I won’t choose anything. I want to believe that’s the best way.”


  • In the light novel, Hachiman gave Hayato his phone number.
  • In anime version Hayama offered Hachiman a canned drink in Episode 8 but it was not to be in the light novel version Volume 4  from which it is adapted. Conversely, Hachiman offered a canned drink to Hayama in Volume 10.5 of the light novel.
  • Hayato's name means falcon-men, a people of ancient Japan who lived in the Satsuma and Ōsumi regions of southern Kyushu until at least the Nara period. Due to the distinct nature of their manners and customs, they frequently resisted Yamato rule.
    • Interestingly, one of Hayato's clique members name is Yamato.
  • His special skills are: Soccer and guitar.
  • His hobbies are: Reading, appreciating films, indoor football, playing guitar and marine sports.
  • When asked how he spends his days off; he answered: "Being outdoors and playing sports"


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