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Haruno & her friends shown during Hachiman and Yukino's shopping

Haruno seems to hangout in groups of both genders but Hachiman feels that she doesn't establish any equal stand of relationship with anyone. Haruno seems to be liked and respected by all who have met her.


Haruno's father is a member of Chiba's diet and also the CEO of a construction company. She sometimes acts as her father's representative in public events.Her father seems to be more lenient than her mother, how-ever Haruno describe her father to be a good cop while her mother plays the bad cop in dealing with their children

Mrs. Yukinoshita (Mother)

Voiced : Kikuko Inoue

YZ EP10 - 107
Her mother was introduced in Episode 10 in season 2 (adapted from Light novel Volume 10, Chapter 2), where she came to take Haruno, Hayato and Yukino to their family feast. Haruno mentions about her mother in Episode 9 that her mother is scarier than herself and takes all decision of the family. She enforce the others to follow while the rest have no choice but to compromise with the decision and follow. In Episode 11 (Adaptation of Volume 11) Haruno was order by Her mother to stay at Yukino's house.

Yukino Yukinoshita


Haruno teasing Hachiman and Yukino as a couple

She is the younger sister of Haruno. While Yukino holds strong animosity towards her, Haruno sees her sister who's constantly trying to overtake her as cute. She also makes it obvious to others that when she is referring to the features of Yukino as "Adorable" she actually means that they are despicable.She even goes to the extent of using perfect sarcasm and "sweet" behaviour to go against her sister. Yukino plainly hates her even though she  admits in having pride that her sister's a perfectionist.

However, Haruno cares about Yukino in her own way.Despite putting on a cold facade in front of Yukino, she sometimes almost breaks to the point where she shows that she is actually regretful for making things end up in a way where Yukino thinks of her as someone who poses a challenge to her own life. 

Family friends

Being the eldest daughter of the Yukinoshita, she was taken around for work related courtesy visit or parties. Making a lot of acquintance

Hayama family

Hayato family has a business related relationship with Yukinoshita. As result Haruno developed a decent relationship with them.According to Haruno, for Hayato being the only child, both of his parents were affectionate with her and little sister.To which Hayato agrees that almost all acquaintance were same with the sisters but Yukino doesn't feel like it.

Hayato Hayama

YZEP12 - 63
He is the childhood & family friend of Yukinoshita. Haruno address him as her brother to Hachiman. Haruno has a free relationship with him, as they both call each other by their first name. It was mentioned in the light novel that each knows the others true nature as well. It is also mentioned that both Hayama and Yukino look up to her.

Soubu High School

She is the alumnae of the school and hence made a lot of acquaintance in the school and often make her visit for various reasons.She volunteered for the cultural festival either on her own motives or persuasion of Megumi and did her musical concert.

She came for the academic and career centre, to provide guidelines for her kohai in choosing their career path, for which she was promised of reward.

Shizuka Hiratsuka


Shizuka and Haruno in cultural committee

Haruno is the former student of Shizuka. They seems to be on good terms and relationship. Shizuka too knows about Haruno's facade but doesn't seem to bothered about it. She describes Haruno well in-depth.

Even for a teacher-student relationship, they call each other by their first name. Haruno can see the kind-hearted motherly nature of Shizuka and can predict her moves, as she was able to see the reason behind Hachiman's participation in Cultural committee.

Meguri Shiromeguri


Meguri recommend Haruno to Yukino

Haruno is her former upperclassman whom Meguri greatly admires. She plays in a band along with her as well.They seem to be on good terms with each other. It also seems they are on regular contact with each other, as Meguri invited Haruno for the Cultural Festival committee.

Hachiman Hikigaya

Images15 5

Haruno teasing Hachiman

According to Hayama's observation, Haruno seems to be fond of him, as she always meddles with him. She seems to like pairing up Hachiman and Yukino together with the latter and former denying such a possibility. In her eyes Hachiman is the first male outside her family circle to get close to Yukino.

YZEP03 - 45
Hachiman is one of the few people to see through her facade. She acknowledges Hachiman's perceptiveness and often playfully teases him. While Hachiman is scared of her even though he didn't know anything about her. She constantly address Hachiman as her future brother-in-law, to the annoyance of the latter.

Haru haci
It was later hinted that she also knows about the car accident that involved Hachiman, Yui, and Yukino. After the cultural festival, she congratulated Hachiman for his bravery during the confrontation with Sagami, and admired him for it. Haruno nick names Hachiman as a monster of logic and corrected it as self conscious monster which Hachiman cannot disagree

YZEP03 - 37
Haruno also sets-up Hachiman and Hayato on a double date with Kaori Orimoto and her friend. It was later revealed in the light novel that she knows only Hachiman and Yui of Hayama's class, until the cultural festival where she meets Sagami.

Yui Yuigahama

Haruno's first impression to Yui is very demeaning, as Haruno warned smilingly that Yui should stay away from Hachiman, as he belongs to Yukino alone.


Haruno, Hachiman, and Yui at the Fireworks Festival

The second time, they met in the Fireworks Festival, where their initial conversation seemed to be little bit offensive at first but later on they warm up. After knowing that Yui is Yukino's best friend, Haruno advises her not to leave Yukino like her previous peers, to which Yui replies seriously that she won't abandon Yukino.

Iroha Isshiki

Iroha made her acquaintance in times of academic and career centre of Soubu High. Iroha tried to appeal to Haruno which Haruno shows signs of seeing through. Haruno also managed to kill time with Iroha not forgetting to get the information like the rumors of Hayato and Yukino.But Iroha also felt Haruno to be scary and exact definition of Yukino to which Yukino isn't happy.


Komachi Hikigaya

Shown neither on-screen nor in the light novel, it was revealed of their meetings and exchanges. As of Season 2 Episode 4 (Volume 8). It was shown that they exchanged contacts with each other, as a way for Haruno to keep in touch with Hachiman. It was also mentioned in the light novel that they exchanged their contacts during the Cultural Festival of Soubu High. Like many Haruno also wishes to have Komachi to be her sister which she states that she wishes Komachi to be her second sister without any hidden motives.Nothing else about their relationship and motives are have been revealed, given both of them are sly with hidden motives.

The only time they were shown together was during the time the Service Club members returned from the Chiba village, where Haruno was waiting to take Yukino home to their mom in Episode 8 of Season 1.

Kaori Orimoto  and  Chika Nakamachi


Haruno meets Kaori for the first time.

Haruno made her acquaintance with them at a cafe with Hachiman. Kaori misunderstood Haruno to be Hachiman's girl friend but after realising the truth, Kaori stated her frank opinion of Haruno to be out of Hachiman's league.

Haruno also learnt about Hachiman's past and confession to Kaori from her. Haruno also introduced Hayato to the girls. She indirectly set the stage for the double date and followed them without their knowledge throughout their date, as she felt that things were amusing. Haruno also wondered about Yukino's reaction, if she learnt about Hachiman's confession to Kaori.

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