It was mentioned in a Drama C.D, that he was named Hachiman because of the fact that he was born on the 8th of August. Since his birthday falls in summer vacation, he was never wished a happy birthday by his classmates. He never received any chocolate from the opposite gender during Valentine's Day, other than Komachi, even his own mother neglected to give him any chocolate.

When he was a kid, he didn't have many friends, and so he invented the new sport of one-player baseball. He would throw the ball by himself, hit it by himself, and catch it by himself. When he tried to devise a scheme to make the game last as long as possible, he realized that super bat-and-catch, or really high "pop flies", were the best way to lengthen the game.

He feared asking anyone about the content of an upcoming test, and instead, he just studied silently alone and then faced the consequences later. This left him with no chance of clarifying doubts or lessons, especially in science and math leading to poor grades.


Hachiman walking behind the group by two steps

He tends to walk behind others like a shadow and never offers his opinion whenever he is in a group of others.

Until the end of middle school there were a lot acquaintances whom he thought to be his friends but they didn't seem to treat him the same way. They just treated him as someone to laugh at. In light novel it is clearly mentioned that they introduce Hachiman to others as a laughing stock & classmate but not as friends, which disappointed him in friends.

In the bonus drama C.D of volume 3, It was mentioned that Hachiman was invited to a birthday party because the whole class was obligated to go but was not invited a second time. Hachiman feels that he might have made some fatal mistake to not be invited again.

It was mentioned in light novel that Hachiman would ask to hang out with his acquaintances whom he thought to be friends. All of whom would make excuses to not hang out. But when he goes out on his own he would see his "friends" out with some other group in the same prescribed spot of Hachiman without him, hinting the possibility of avoiding him.

A glimpse of Hachiman's past can be seen on the double date where Hachiman wasn't texted or invited by Kaori or Chika. Another is Kaori's treatment of Hachiman throughout the double date, where she was constantly poking fun at him for invalid reasons to praise Hayama in comparison to his actions and also to keep their conversation lively, as if Hachiman is nothing more than a laughing stock to them.

Before Middle SchoolEdit

Hachiman's campfire

A girl refusing to hold hands with Hachiman in folk dance

In elementary school, students were doing a folk dance. Hachiman was paired up with a girl but she didn't want to hold hands with him alone. The other girls followed suit. In Hachiman words, he danced the "Air Oklahoma Mixer"[1] . His classmates would also "forget" his name and give him insulting nicknames, "Hikikaeiru (Hikifroggy)". They would often make jokes that were related to his name (much like Yukino does in the series). [2]


Kids playing tag with it as HIKIGERMA infront of Hachiman

One time Hachiman overheard a group of kids who were playing tag. They were talking about passing a virus named after him. They imagine that the "Hikigerma" virus was so powerful that barriers (in tag) were ineffective.[3] He received corn as a birthday present by his mother's friend that was given to him by her son who he thought was his friend.

Once his classmates decided on groups but everyone would exclude Hachiman. His homeroom teacher, Isehara-sensei told the other students that she knows they all dislike Hachiman, but it's unkind to leave him out. Hachiman still hasn't forgiven his home room teacher for that as he hates being sympathized with or receiving pity.

Middle SchoolEdit


Hachiman's flash back of middle school in times of his request

In middle school there is a friendly atmosphere between students and teachers, everyone addresses each other by first name with the exception of Hachiman. Hachiman retained his loner attitude from elementary school. Partly because of his loner status. Hachiman became the victim of verbal and psychological bullying in junior high.

Classes got reshuffled for second year and everyone exchanged numbers. Hachiman mustered enough courage and eagerly searched for a girl. He found one who reluctantly exchanged numbers .[4] Hachiman used to text girls often(one of them, is his crush Kaori). But it wasn't until high school that he realized he would only get replies out of pity.

According to Hachiman the reply from girls are in dismissive and overall percentage of replies were 40% of the time (she says that he text them at 7 P.M but gets reply in the morning like “sorry, my battery ran out” or “looks like I was out of range for a bit” or "I was sleepy, see you at school" ), 30% of the time he would get no reply.and the other 30% consisted of texts from some foreigner called MAILER-DAEMON(indicating that a few girls gave him a wrong mail address). Kaori stopped replying to Hachiman after two text, while he constantly texted her for silly reasons and eagerly waited for her reply. During Kaori's conversation with Haruno, she couldn't recollect speaking to Hachiman, rather alone texting to him.

At some point Hachiman went to Chiba Mura Village for nature studies [5], which he later visits again after joining Service club as summer activity.

YEP01 - 31

Girl who talks frequently to Hachiman

When he was in 8th (2nd year middle school) grade of the new semester, the role of class male representative was dumped on him by the fellow male students. While a girl volunteered for to be a girl representative, that girl frequently talked to him. He thought she was interested in him. One day, he decided to ask her who she liked. She replied with the first letter which was "H". Hachiman asked if it was him. The girl was surprised and disgusted.
YEP01 - 32

Hachiman Shocked to see mocking drawings of him

The next day Hachiman saw a drawing mocking him on the class chalkboard much to his shock and dismay the whole class know about it, even though it was just the two of them at that time (in anime and manga adaptation). [6] [7] In the light novel, after the incident the girls hate him even more and the boys nickname him "Narugaya" (Narcisst-gaya).

At some point, it he attempted to engage in conversation with another girl, but the girl replied, "Um, could you stop please?", with a near blank expression and extremely cold eyes. This made him self-proclaimed himself as a "leading expert in rejection."

In a drama CD, it was mentioned in middle school there was a girl he liked who belonged to the wind instrument club. On that girl’s birthday, Hachiman gave her an anime music CD he made. He paid careful attention to the song selection. His present was accepted. But the next day at lunch time the broadcast committee played his CD over the school PA and mocked him. After this incident, the name Otagaya passed on even after his graduation which is mentioned by his sister Komachi who is studying in the same school.

YEP01 - 07

Hachiman asking out Kaori

Before or after the above confession, Hachiman confessed to another girl (In the light novel its Kaori). Her response was to instead "just be friends" but they never spoke again.

YZEP01 - 34

Girls gossiping about Kaori's rejection of Hachiman

Despite the fact that the confession was private, it was made a public knowledge of the class and gossiping topic the very next day. The gossiping girls felt sorry for Kaori that Hachiman was the one to confess to her and were glad that they didn't give their contact IDs to Hachiman while sneering which can be heard by Hachiman very clearly. [8] [9] [10]

Kaori once mentioned that Hachiman wasn't in any clubs in middle school and was basically mute so he didn't stand out.

YEP01 - 10

Hachiman mistakes the girl to be talking to him

The last time he talked to a girl was nearly two years before he met Yukino, In June of his final year of middle school. He mistakenly responded to a girl who was complaining about the heat. It turned out that she was actually talking to another girl seated behind him.

YEP01 - 11

Hachiman ashamed of the event

What followed was an awkward situation. Whenever Hachiman recalls this memory, he hides and screams to himself under his futon.[8] [11] [10]

It was mentioned in the light novel, people used to stuff garbage in his shoe locker, the culprit was clearly one of the girls from his class and the fact that they would not even try to hide their criminal conduct made it hurt him even more. It was also mentioned that girls would falsely confess their feelings for him as penalty for losing at rock-paper-scissors. He would also receive fake love letters written by boys who copy down what girls dictate to them. All of these things used to give Hachiman hope, but he now knows "an experienced loner never falls for the same trap twice".

Hachiman received a medal for the "A" score in Sports test during the closing ceremony. Everyone burst out laughing because this was just a prank by others filling out false athletic scores.

In Volume 7 Chapter 4 in light novel, it was mentioned that in middle school he had to pass along class letters unaware of the written insults of him on it.


Hachiman walking alone to his house

In a flashback during the anime, it is shown that Hachiman is almost same in middle school as he is in High school, reading novels in class without speaking to anyone, playing alone in gym, walking home alone while others are walking back in a group & talking.

It was mentioned that during middle school he used to cosplay. He was an otaku to some degree and often makes references to different animes and mangas during his inner thoughts. It is demonstrated quite often in the light novels. Hachiman tried his best to be sociable during middle school life, but all steps failed and he was ostracized as his actions were made as a joke to laugh at for others. After being ostracized, he slowly became disinterested in social life and wanted nothing more than to be alone.

High SchoolEdit

After middle school, Hachiman didn't want to have anymore contact with his middle school classmates, which he calls a "Reset" or "Deletion" in his relationships. Because of this, he worked hard to enter Sobu High School, where his middle school classmates would definitely not go to. It was mentioned in the light novel that every year, only one person from Hachiman's middle school goes to Sobu High because of its high standards and requirement. However by coincidence, he meets his old classmate Kaori Orimoto later in the series.

On the first day of the High school entrance ceremony, he was very excited about starting his new student life, to the point where he headed to school an hour early. While traveling he spotted and saved Yui's dog from a potentially fatal car crash, though he was struck by the car causing him to miss the first day of school, also sealing his fate of being a loner for the starting of his high school life.

Hachiman in hospital

Hachiman in Hospital after the accident

The result of the accident was a bone fracture that caused him to be bedridden in the hospital for three weeks. This put him on the fast track to his loner lifestyle, since everyone else had become acquainted and grouped up by the time he arrived.[10]

Having missed out on a new chance and recalling his past, Hachiman completely gave up on social life and would fade away in the background with nobody bothering him or him bothering others. He would find an associate in Yoshiteru Zaimokuza, another outcast but denies they were true friends due to the latter's eccentric nature.

He goes to school by bike, despite the long distance and intense weather of hot summers and blisteringly cold winters, the main reason is to avoid running into old classmates and acquaintances of his.

In the light novels, Hachiman is the only one who doesn't get space to write his future goals in year book. It was also mentioned that he had a lot of part time jobs before joining the service club but none seems to exceed more than 3 days. The reason seems to be that he couldn't get along with anyone because of his past.


Hachiman, a loner in a lively class

Hachiman frequently sleeps in class during break or his free time, due to his lack of someone to talk to. If he isn't sleeping, he may be reading books and giggling. He also giggles while reading amusing things in novels in both the club room and class room, which "grosses out" Yui and Yukino. [12]

At lunch, Hachiman eats alone at his favorite spot because of the nice sea breezes that blow in from the shore. It was mentioned in Episode 13 that almost all of the girls in Sobu High School treat Hachiman as someone that is gross and disgusting. Hachiman explains that the girls in the relay races were pissed and uttered the word gross when he handed them the baton in the sports festival. It is mentioned in the light novel that girls from his class occasionally give him looks as though he were a piece of trash, even putting trash in his class desk when he is out for lunch to his favorite spot.

In his second year of high school, he would be forced to join the Service Club by his careers counselor/Japanese teacher, Shizuka Hiratsuka, in the hopes of fixing his rotten personality. While there he meets Yukino and Yui who become his first real associates in school and the first to show him a form of kindness.

Unknown to Hachiman, they were the other students involved in the accident in some way (Yui was the owner of the dog he saved and Yukino was in the car that struck him). Once he realized they were connected to this event, he slowly distanced himself from them for not telling him this knowledge despite their attempts to explain themselves. In the end, he would reconcile with them after realizing nobody was really at fault.

For most of the requests the Service Club gets, his solutions involve making him a villain or scapegoat. He doesn't mind getting himself hurt as long as it achieves the goal. Later on, he slowly starts to realize that his actions can hurt his new associates too and admits he hates the way he does things.

He slowly becomes better at interacting with other people and accumulates other peoples e-mail and phone contacts throughout the series.

He chose Liberal arts as his third year course.

Difference from pre-High School lifeEdit

He is in a club and takes work more seriously, even though he hates to work. His social circle has extended somewhat as he has now made associates with various people such as Saika Totsuka, Yoshiteru Zaimokuza, Hayato Hayama and many others. However, while its clear he has now opened up to people, it is unknown as to whether he sees any of them as friends. In a recent chapter, he has realized that he was deviating from genuine, for the fear of losing some thing that he gained acceptance.

Hachiman was mentioned to be mute/unsocial by both Kaori and Yui. Even Yukino, when meeting him for the (supposedly) first time felt that she succeed in fulfilling Shizuka's request by making him talk to a girl (herself), but he tells her that he choose to speak only when needed while internally he complains that he always bullied when he tried to talk to others.

As the series progresses, he is able to interact with other students from different classes and even of different schools without any issues.

Service club 2

Outing of service club members

Originally, he had bad luck in talking with girls as it was mentioned that Hachiman used to get nervous and sweat profusely when talking to girls, especially Kaori. They were always mentioned to look down on him as if he was something disgusting, often doing many hurtful things without any consideration or remorse. They even resorted to ridiculing him for no reason and some even openly admitted their disgust for him because of his habits. The breaking point for him was being rejected by Kaori Orimoto and being picked on by the rest of the girls who pitied her for getting asked out by him. Because of his rejection, it has caused him to gain a distorted view of girls even insulting some of them in High School. He firmly believed girls to be after good looks and money. Due to this new belief, he has adopted a new approach to girls now being able to casually talk to girls, including Kaori without any signs of nervousness.

Over time, while Hachiman is still looked down on by a majority of girls, he slowly gets on better terms with a few of them such as with Hina Ebina, Iroha Isshiki and Saki Kawasaki, including the service club members. Slowly, he starts to see some girls in a better light after many of them have shown him genuine kindness as well as acceptance. Also, Hachiman has unintentionally become the object of affection for some girls either because of a favor or getting to know him and seeing his kindness. It appears that he is well-aware of the girls' feelings, due to his hobby of studying the atmosphere around them but chooses not to acknowledge them, either because of his previous failures or feeling them not to be genuine.

Because his past confession of his feelings were rejected, he was left unable to go out with girls, due to his bad reputation. However, there have been more than one situation where thanks to a meddlesome source (Komachi Hikigaya and Haruno Yukinoshita) Hachiman was forced into a date-like situation with girls, primarily with Yukino, Yui, Iroha as well as going on a double date with Hayama, Kaori (who he had a crush on in middle school but was rejected) and Chika. Though the double date ended in disaster, it caused Kaori to change her perspective of him after seeing he was now acquaintances with Yukino and Yui.

Hachiman rarely used to go outside and turned down all invites from other people. But currently Hachiman is mentioned to hangout in places with his some of his new acquaintances. He has visited arcades and theaters with people like Saika and Yoshiteru. He has also been places like Destiny Land, the Aquarium, and a new years shrine with Yukino, Yui and Komachi. Strangely, he went to a ramen shop with his homeroom teacher twice once was during summer holiday and other during the field trip to Kyoto. He has bumped into Kaori after the terrible date and has noticed a change in her demeanor as she is trying to patch things up with him and she even goes to the extent of talking to him with more consideration and offering to be his friend but its unclear of what his answer was to her offer.

YZEP12 - 86

Hachiman recieving Valentine chocolate for the first time and too from his club mates

He has even received Valentine chocolate from girls other than his sister for the first time ever. He received chocolate from Yui, Iroha, Kaori, Saki and Keika. It is shown that Yukino also has some but doesn't have the courage to give it to Hachiman, out of embarrassment.

While he usually avoided taking part in activities, Hachiman has participated in the Christmas, Cultural, Athletic and other school joint events. He even initiated Pre valentine event. In the past, either he wasn't invited to party or was simply ridiculed for his presence, much to his dismay. As of now, he has attended birthday celebrations of two of his club-mates, yet turned down Yui's offer to celebrate his own birthday. Hachiman has a history of giving gifts which were either rejected or laughed at. However, his recent gifts are treasured by his new acquaintances.

In the past, Hachiman was made fun of, ignored, and looked down upon by his peers which was bullying. However, when Komachi inquires about his High School life, he was unable to explain his new experience, but concludes that he is not bullied.

While initially he wasn't very well known at his school at first, he earned a reputation for hurting the feelings of Minami Sagami, though he was given bad looks by some of his peers nobody harmed him, insulted him nor did they continue to put trash on his desk. In fact, some students including Meguri Shiromeguri knew the real meaning and respected his actions with Hachiman has gained admiration from some because of his blunt and straightforward attitude such as Yoshiteru Zaimokuza (who has respected him for forging associations), Saika Totsuka, Hayato Hayama (who feels inferior to Hachiman), Meguri Shiromeguri, Haruno and Saki Kawasaki who all acknowledge his leadership skills. Taishi believes him to be smart and popular (in his eyes).

Yukino, Yui, Iroha feels him to be intelligent in solving problems. Most of the success of the Service clubs is due to his doings. The current Student council (President, Vice president, secretary, etc.) have all depended on him for more than one occasion. Iroha mostly depends on him or dump her load on to him. Even Kaori was surprised by his way of handling things & wonders if he was in student council back in middle school.

In the past, everyone used to pick on him for fun and never considered his feelings, like Kaori's action during double date. Now more than one are hurt just by seeing him get hurt or badmouthed and doesn't like the way he does things and want him to do it in a better way of not getting hurt. They care for him more than he or they themselves realize this includes Yui, Yukino, Shizuka, Saki, Saika, Yoshiteru, and Hayato (for one or other reasons).

In light novel, he begins to change his future plan from household husband to something else but can't decide any suitable conclusion. He still plans to enter a random university in Chiba first and decide on a career later. His teacher Shizuka encourages Hachiman to be a university professor, which he immediately declines referring to the headache students like himself which she agrees.


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