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Episode 7

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Episode 7
Season 1, Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date May 17, 2013
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Name "Anyway, It Is Strange To Not Rest During Summer Vacation."
Romanji "Tomoare, Natsuyasuminanoni Yasumenai no wa Nanikaokashī."
Kanji ともあれ、夏休みなのに休めないのは何かおかしい。


Hachiman tries to relax during summer break, but is eventually tricked by Komachi and Shizuka, along with Yukino, Yui, Saika, Hayato, Yumiko, Kakeru and Hina to help out at an elementary school's summer camp at the Chiba Mura Park. Shizuka then explains to Hachiman that it will provide a good opportunity for him and Yukino to interact with people from other social cliques.

As the activities begin, Hachiman and Yukino immediately notice Rumi Tsurumi, an elementary school loner, being shunned outright by her classmates. Soon enough, as everyone helps prepare lunch, Hachiman and Yukino observe Hayato's failed attempts to talk to Rumi, which prompts her to walk away towards Hachiman and Yukino. After introducing themselves, Rumi explains how the social disparities in her elementary school affect her, and resolves to make friends in middle school, although Yukino explains that the flaw in her plan is that since Rumi will end up in the same middle school as those ignoring her now, that behavior will likely be adopted by the new students as well.

Afterwards, as the Sōbu High School group finish dinner, they discuss Rumi's circumstances and try to come up with ways to help her. Later, Hachiman, unable to sleep, goes for a walk and finds Yukino out stargazing. Yukino explains that she inadvertently made Yumiko cry after spending thirty minutes refuting her arguments on helping Rumi. Yukino also tells Hachiman that she wants to help Rumi because she reminds her of Yui and that Hayato's inability to do anything for her may be bothering him. As Hachiman asks about Hayato, she explains that she knew him since elementary school and that his father is an adviser to her family's company, finally saying that she's glad she was able to come to the park and leaves for bed. As Hachiman, looks at the stars, Rumi is seen squatting alone by the riverbank.

Major events

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While Yukinoshita Yukino is staring at the loner girl and sighs, Hikigaya Hachiman comments about how "Stand Tsukai attract other Stand Tsukai..." It is clearly a reference to the anime "JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken



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