Sobu High is the generic high school setting in which the series take place. It was mentioned that, students with high intellects and high scores in entrance test alone can enter Sobu High. In other words smart students.


The Facade of Sobu High School.

The school building was situated near the sea. Hence the day-to-day weather varied, because of this, the wind would usually change direction some time around noon. The school seems to have a good infrastructure and facilities for education.

Each year at the time of the end of winter there will be annual Marathon will be held by the school.

The fields at school weren’t very big. The soccer club, the baseball club, the track and field club and the rugby club were all sharing it. So sometimes, there would be days off for some clubs.

Incidentally, they don’t post up the test results at this school. They only tell you about your ranking and score in person. As a result, while people did reveal their rankings to each other

In school, each grade is distinguishable by a ribbon of a particular color that is tied around the collar of neck by the students.  

Red ribbon meant student is in grade 11 or second year.

In time of enterance exam for new students, the entire school is mentioned to be at a day-off except for the faculty

In this school, there is an event called a workplace tour which happens when a student is in the 2nd year. The survey forms are used to determine the occupation students are interested in learning more about and then the school actually send the students to that workplace. It was part of the new-fangled education program to instill in every student’s heart the desire to work for a company.

Incidentally, they don’t post up the test results at this school. They only tell you about your ranking and score in person.

Student council

Meguri Zoku Opening

Meguri in Student council room in the opening theme.

The school as a student council room like that of any other school.It consists of table and pipe chairs for its members.It is mostly accessible by student council members.It also has a number of shelves for files and folder, bulletin board, with a laptop.It was first shown in second season of anime. Later Iroha installed Halogen heater and refrigerator.

Conference room


Name plate

The school has a separate conference room for various activities, discussion, and planning committee meeting space.

Its size was just about the size of two regular classrooms and gaudy seats and tables were prepared inside. It looked like it was typically used by staff members for meetings. There is a white board bolted to the wall for writing. with markers and board scrubber,  a mechanical clock and a speaker as well


Athletic festival

The conference room like any other room with two  "U" shaped table in concentric arrangement with the open end of the table facing the board. There are extra tables at the sides and also near the board facing the center which is used for the chair persons

The room is primarily used in planing committee for cultural festival and athletic sports meet.The tables has  name card of the post allocated to the individuals.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatteiru - 10 - Large 30

Conference room used in cultural festival

The room has a facilities for water, tea and for distributions of it as mentioned in the light novel.the students/participants are allowed to bring laptops. As typical office it has abundance of paper, file and printer.


Staff room & Faculty

Staff room
Staff room like anyother school is a seperate room for the facaulty members.The room consist of bulletin also has ajoint table with a partition for each teacher with a seperate draws for the individual teacher

YEP01 - 02.1
The staff room is shown in Episode 1 of season 1 and Episode 9 of season 2 .There are rolling chairs.most of teacher's belongings are placed on their tables either stacked or arranged.



There is also a consultation section for teachers to interact with their students personally.

  • Shizuka Hiratsuka
    - Service Club Advisor, Modern Japanese Teacher, Guidance Councilor and Class 2F home room teacher

  • 205947
    Atsugi (Voiced by :Yoshihisa Kawahara)- Physical training teacher, Cultural and athletic festival incharge etc.

  • Class
    Class Officer (Volume 6 and adapted version in Episode 10, a teacher with specs)

  • Tsurumi-sensei (mentioned in Volume 1 Chapter 3) - Home Economics, Cooking Class
  • Unnamed biological teacher mentioned in Episode 2


  • Tennis Club (Advisor: Unknown) (Known Member: Saika Totsuka (President))
YZEP11 - 28

Sport courts

  • Tennis Court

  • Soccer Field
  • Indoor Basketball court(shown in Episode 1)

Festivals and activities

  • Cultural Festival
  • Athletic Festival

Other School's official relationship

Alumni Students

Currently Taking an Entrance Exam

Sobu High School Students


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